2016 C300 for $279/mo

Looking at a demo for a friend 2016 C300 4matic. MSRP $44,680
Miles 4500

Looking at 36/12K lease
Residual 59%: $26,360
MF .00083
Trying to negotiate for $33,300 Selling price. Already got 18% off on a new non-demo
Plus free shipping of car to its new destination.

Depreciation: $6,940 over 36 months = $192
plus excess depreciation for the extra miles on the demo $37.50
Finance @.00083 = $49.25 before MSDs


Is the price for the demo worth it or better to go with new at 18% discount?
Am I asking for a reasonable price?
I have bought several cars from this dealer. Just got two cars 2 months ago.

I’d bite. Plus 12,000 miles per year- I’d take it in a heartbeat at this point!

Would you mind sharing your region?

I’d bite on that in a heartbeat. If you don’t, send it my way :slight_smile:. With that MSRP it sounds like a decently optioned car but I’m guessing not a sport model if it’s a demo.

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Yeah, not a sport. But has the options they need. Premium 2 and Pano

Or would you go with a non-demo for approx $339?
Also a 2016. Same MSRP different color combo

Please do share your deal or prices/quotes of all related vehicles. It would greatly help others score a decent deal :slight_smile:

PM sent about this .

I was offered almost the exact same 2016 C300 w/ same mileage and same lease terms by Mercedes of Austin for $640/ month. I was expecting an initial offer of $450 - made me walked out shaking my head. It was so far off from expectations that I didn’t even feel like trying to negotiate. I might go back late next week and see if they’ve softened up a little (well a lot). You got a great deal and some numbers I can shoot for.

NIce one. 279 for C300 is good.

After you have chosen your car, please post all relevant details so that others may look into this dealer’s remaining inventory.

Did you take the deal?