2016 C300 4Matic - Indiana (yay or nay?)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. This is my first time going into the dealer for a lease. I am searching for a good deal on the C 300. After some time building out a model with sales, they told me the model and options I wanted wasn’t available in Indiana. Sales said the car would have to be shipped from Germany, would take 3-6 months for delivery and require a $500 deposit.

So…they showed me a similar model on the lot and I got the following numbers. How can I negotiate this thing down to the bare minimum? (note: my credit scores are bordering fair/good, not excellent)

Edit: The numbers are based on a $7500 down payment :confused: (I told them I was looking to have my payments around $400)

I’m trying to understand the scribbled notes and arrows. Looks like the MF is .00154 assuming excellent credit, but it’s .00214 (equivalent to 5.1% APR) for your credit score.

That’s a really high rate. Combined with a minimum discount of just $1,250 off MSRP, it all results in a really high payment.

It’s .00214, but they did not run my credit or score. The scribbled notes and arrows were some calculations done after reading posts here on the site. It was just some conversions to APR.

From what I read, 10-15% off MSRP is acceptable and .00154 MF is for Tier1 credit. I’m communicating with a few dealers in the area to see how low I can get this payment with $0 down. I’ll keep the post updated.

Btw, anyone know the going MF rates for a 2016 CLA 250? It’s my second option after the C300.


2016 CLA250
36 months, 10K/year
Residual: 63%
MF: .00145

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