2016 C-Max Energi SEL Lease deal - How did i do?

From TX - Bad state to lease
Wanted to know how i did on the lease

2016 Ford C-MAX Energi SEL

MSRP: 34,840
Selling Price: 30,170 (dealer would not go below this)
Ford rebates: 11,507
Private Offer: 750
MF: 0.000125
Residual: 38%
36mo/12k per year

254 down
254/mo/26 mos

I fell for a small trap where i got the tire and wheel package and key replacement for $5/mo so other wise looking at 249 down and 249/mo for 36 mos

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Decent deal. Nothing to be ashamed of lol :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking at the same car and I’ve only been able to get offers for 8% off MSRP. Good job!
Still trying to find out if the Prius/Volt conquest cash is applicable so I can go get mine.

Prius Volt rebate is valid till Jan 5, 2017
So is the 11,507 lease cash (in some states and 12,507 in others)

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Thanks for the confirmation. In NY it’s $12507 in lease cash now, I’m hoping to combine the Prius cash and a $750 private offer.
BTW did they offer you WearCare and if so what was the price?

They did and i declined.
Added up about 22$/mo or ~1000$ overall

They offered tire and wheel and other “dealer offers” not manufacturer offers.
At the end they gave me the wheel and tire and key replacement for 180$ overall or 5$ a mo which i was sucked into

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what’s this $750 private offer?

I was hanging out on the Ford website looking at cars and I got a pop up for a $750 private offer. Looks like it’s for the Ford Fusion Energi but in the small print at the bottom it lists cars that it cannot be applied to so hoping I can use it on the cmax.

Thanks, In my neck of the woods that might actually be useful.