2016 Buick Regal Premium II

Trying to replicate the Malibu deal was only able to get down to $131/month (no Volt and only GM Loyalty due to GMC lease). Talking with my salesguy who I’ve worked with before he suggested I look at the Regal because of better incentives including $1500 GMC/Buick Lease Loyalty and $1000 Autoshow Rebate (metro Detroit). No money down, only prepaids/first payment:

MSRP: $33,630
Selling Price: $29542 (includes supplier discount)
Rebates/Credits: $7500 (Buick Rebate, GMC Loyalty, $500 New GM Card signing bonus)
24 Months/10k miles per year
Total due at signing: $683.99 (Includes first month and taxes on capitalized cost reduction).
Base Payment: $132.81
Payment including tax: $140.78

Compared to the Malibu the Regal is a much nicer vehicle, includes Leather, Heated seats, heated Steering wheels, 18" rims, Turbo engine, HID headlights, Apple play, 8" touch screen, navigation, remote start.

What are you doing here lol you need to sign asap… that is a sweet deal.

Good luck.

Yeah, that’s amazing! Regal is under appreciated. Consumer Reports ranks it very highly… better than Acura TLX and Volvo S60.

Here are the numbers for Regal, by the way:
24 mo residual: 60% (10,000 mi/year)
.00040 MF
$3,000 GM Financial lease cash

All other incentives are regional or targeted: $1,000 Incremental Bonus Cash (Detroit area) + $1,500 Conquest Cash OR $1,500 GM Loyalty, for example.

I’m curious how the rebates/credits added up to $7,500.

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Already signed, spent hours trying to get the Malibu under $100… Regal deal was in an out under 2 hours. Sorry about lack of how the specific rebates stacked, was more concerned with the payment/out of pocket vs where the rebates were coming from.

Regal 1SP package (Premium II) is also part of their “16% below MSRP” promotion, there are 5 other buick trim levels, one for each model, that are under the same promotion. Similar to the bonus cash that was running on the Malibu except it applies only to that trim level and to any that are in stock not just units that were allotted for the promotion.

It’s for my 16 y/o daughter who is in disbelief right now, Im excited to not have to worry about a beater breaking down or her being stranded somewhere.

Damn someone try and replicate this, I’d love to see exactly how to get this.

What location are you in?

I called a local dealer (NJ). He told me the 16% off does not apply to leases.
Lease numbers came back at like 400/mo without it.
Can someone let me know

Metro Detroit
Here are my lease docs if it can help anyone else:

You got a great deal…I am going to the dealer to try to replicate. I bought 4 2016 Malibu Limited’s ar around $110/mo with the same start ups. This is much more car for $30 more a month.

I have been unable to replicate this, have you had any luck. Dealers saying 16% doesn’t stack with rebates.

I just spoke with my sales guy last night for a second (which I would need more miles), with 24 month / 15k will GM Employee discount and no conquest or GMC Lease would be $219/month, with a conquest would be $179/month.

Thanks for this info lweisenb. I am taking your numbers and am trying to replicate this deal at the same dealership on Fri.

@michael Do you know if the incentives would work in FL? Owing an old GM brand and a new financed non GM for the record.


All lessees get the $3,000 GM Financial lease cash, but the $1,000 Incremental Bonus Cash is not available in FL.

Sounds like you qualify for $1,500 GM Loyalty rebate: “Only current 1999 or newer Buick or GMC passenger car or light duty truck owners or lessees are eligible for this incentive. Customer is not required to trade in their qualifying vehicle”

Just wonder if I can get anywhere close to the numbers posted (of course $~41 extra based on no autoshow bonus), but when I check on buick for current offers Detroit vs my Zip

  • Lease for detroit states $169 for 24 months whereas for my zip I see
    $259 for 39 months and 2499 due at signing (which of course is an absolute joke)

What’s the inventory like in FL? In Southern California, a Detroit-like deal is unlikely as dealers have very few Regals. LaCrosse, Encore, and Enclave are much more popular.

Well not sure in terms of comparison, just looked at a few:

  • Dealer 1 : 10 Regal (various trims)
  • Dealer 2 : 25 Regal (various trims)
  • Dealer 3 : 28 Regal (various trims)
  • Dealer 4 : 7 Regal (various trims)
  • Dealer 5 : 14 Regal (various trims)
  • Dealer 6 : 10 Regal (various trims)

I am really not set on any specific lease now, just something that is cheap ideally as I really just use my car to get from work and back and a few extra miles. As this car won’t be used for any long trips etc. it just makes no sense for me to waste a lot of money on it.

So far I tried getting in on the deals posted here that were sub $200 , but was not successful in getting anything remotely close except for the Tiguan, but given they had no inventory it did not work out and is now $189 + fees a month for 36 months.

Appreciate all your assistance here, guess I will just have to keep looking until I find a dealer with decent offer published as all other have been unwilling to work on getting close to the payment I was looking for