2016 BMW X5 4.0e lease deal

I’m trying to figure out if this deal is the best bang for my buck. Any feedback will be appreciated:

.BMW X5 4.0 E(Hybrid)
Total MSRP: $$66,745
Dealer discount: $9,346
Vehicle price (after discounts and rebates): $57,399
Residual value: $39,379.55
MSD: Not available

Cash Down:$4,500
36 months lease (10k miles) including tax: $650.37

Cash down $5,500
36 months lease (10k miles) including tax: $620.23

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NEVER EVER put cash down on a lease…zero drive off is preferred, but first month + license is OK.


  1. Your car gets totaled driving off lot…you are out that 5K.

  2. You want to trade it in early/swapalease…you now have paid much more than if you had put zero down.

  3. More difficult to compare leases…since all I do are zero drive off leases, it’s easy to compare the deals!

I believe, and could be wrong, that every manufacturer does zero drive off if you have good credit.

I am not disagreeing with you about putting money down but,

“Your car gets totaled driving off lot…you are out that 5K”

This is not really true, if you total it 6 months down the road you may be out the $, but not if you total it driving it off the lot.

BMW does MSD’s press them on it, info below:


Earlier this year I totaled my Q5, which I had just leased 9 months prior…they assign a fair market value + tax…if it’s less than the payoff, then gap insurance kicks in. If it’s more than the payoff, then you (the lessee/owner) get the overage. They seemed to look at comparable cars in the used marketplace to determine value.

My dealer gave me a great deal on my lease, so I actually got paid over $3500 (including 800 audi care refund)…that was with only first month drive off.

I guess what I’m saying is that it all depends on what the insurance company values the car at…but I doubt you would ever recoup the full down payment.

Current 2016 BMW X5 XDrive40e SAV Special Offers

The standard features of the BMW X5 eDrive xDrive40e include 2.0L I-4 313hp hybrid gas engine intercooled turbo, 8-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), integrated navigation system, side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor, automatic air conditioning, 19" aluminum wheels, cruise control, ABS and driveline traction control.

0.9% Annual Percentage Rate Offer.


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    Lease: $539 Per Month For 36 Months. $4,964 Due At Signing

$539 per month for 36 months
$4,964 cash due at signing
Offer only valid 9/06/2016 through 9/30/2016
Equipped with standard features such as Dynamic Damper Control with Rear Axle Air Suspension, Navigation System, Power Tailgate, including achieving 56 MPGe.

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My opinion: bad deal.

  • there have been much better deals for the same model. Lower cost per month with zero cash down.
  • if you split the $4500 in the 36 months, you’re paying an extra $125 per month, which would have your monthly lease at almost $800. Other have gotten it close to $600.
  • Shouldn’t put cash down, as other people mentioned.
  • Don’t understand why MSDs are not available. Aren’t you buying from a BMW dealer?
  • I’m not going to plug in the numbers in the leasehacker calculator, but you should to make sure the dealer is giving you the normal money factor (which would be further reduced by using MSDs).
  • It also doesn’t pass the 1% rule (which shouldn’t be applied to all makes/models, but don’t see why not on this one).
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Read this thread…

I got my 2016 X5 40e last month for $599. including 9% tax per month using multipole security deposits. MSRP was $73K.

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@prdgs==> Appreciate this clarification which was very helpful!

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Can you share the dealer info? which state?

I got updated info from the dealer:
Doc fee - $113
Reg fee - $173.50
Money factor - .00160
Aquistion fee - $925
Dispostion fee $350 paid at the end of the lease if you do not get into another BMW
MSD - Max of 7 secuirty deposits. If you do all 7 MSDs will drop MF .00049 points.
He is offering 7MSDS. Now does this make the deal a good with with 7MSDS, no Down payment?

With these numbers and MSDs, I expect the payment to be in low 600s, zero down

The dealer is raising that Money Factor. With 7 MSDs (max allowed by BMW), you can get it as low as 0.00088.

Not sure of the impact in the monthly lease, but run the numbers in the calculator to compare.

Also, are you still supposed to put money down?

Good question, I hope not and have reached out to dealer to enquire this. Im getting a monthly lease amount for $558 incl taxes per my calculation. Waiting for dealers numbers based on this updated info. Thanks again folks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciate it!

You will find that they are not willing to do 558 no matter what the calculator say because they have a special BMW profit calculator that automagically adds a few k for them lol :slight_smile:

You are absolutely correct! they did tag on the additional profits and the dealer now tells me that the MSD reduced the Money Factor BY 0.00049 and not TO 0.00049. I am going to let this one go and not pursue.

Appreciate your input.

The lowest MF you will find is .00088 and if you work for a large company that has fleet you can get it to .00068 with 7 MSD. This was the deal I ended up with and my X5e came to 599 inc taxes after all rebates and discounts

Yes, 0.00068 is what I also go and it’s the lowest I’ve seen. $599 per month for me as well including tax.

which dealership was this?

BMW SF is where I went.

there are a few hundred of 2016’s remaining and an equal amount of 2017’s on the ground for the X5 40e’s.

The difference is the the '16’s have $1500 more in rebates but the remaining vehicles have alot more options on them whereas the 2017’s that are coming in, there are more lightly equipped models. plenty of 2017’s with $2000 or more , less in options.

bottom line, better off getting a 2017 if you can’t find a 2016 configured the way you like it. difference may only be $20 or $30 per month between two comparable X5’s.

I have people factory ordering 17’s so they get them exactly how they want them and they’ll arrive just in time for the winter / holiday promotions. woohoo!

Hope that helps with those struggling to find one.