2016 BMW x1 - $326

2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i

MSRP: $41,695
Selling Price: $31,306
Rebates: $1000 College Grad
Fees: $457
Tax: $1,894 (6.25% of adjusted selling price)
Residual: $25,851

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
Starting mileage: 7388
Interest: 4.5%
Zip Code: 78701
Total Due At Signing: $900
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $326

Not really relevant to most here, but the BMW’s Owner’s Choice program was used.
It’s a balloon note loan that mimics a lease and avoids double taxation in TX if you buy at end.
I didn’t ask why or try to change it to a regular lease. The price was too good and wasn’t going to last long. Like I’ve said before, crossover/small SUVs are hot.
Nice college graduation gift for my little girl.

This is one of Loberant’s dealerships, but this X1 wasn’t on his list.

Almost forgot, I also get $500 rebate from BMW Car Club.

Looks like a great deal. Enjoy!

Don’t you own the car and have to refinance the balloon (I.e. you can’t turn in the vehicle if it’s upside down)?

it works just like a lease. You give the car back at the end of the term.

OK, got it, only relevant in states that charge sales tax on full sales price.

Is there a way to replicate this deal in Ohio some how?

Email all the BMW dealers in your area and ask for a 300 /month lease on a 2016 X1.
I emailed 6, got a response from 4, two were under $400. I played the two off each other until one hit $326 and I accepted. Note: after Tuesday, demo/courtesy residuals will be dropping significantly.