2016 BMW i8 Demo $1043, $1k, 7MSDs

I was helping a buddy look for an i8- for when he decides to move to California- but he decided to stay in Michigan instead…

Any-who… I came across this deal and I thought it didn’t look too bad.

2016 BMW i8 Demo $1043 (before taxes), $1k down, 7MSDs

In addition- BMW covers the brakes on 2016 models.

Link to vehicle here: http://www.pacificbmw.com/vehicle-details/used-2016-bmw-i8--glendale-ca-id-16859262

Henson Santiago created this deal for me (See attached for the deal he emailed me).

There’s still room to negotiate- good starting point for someone who is interested in one.

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I’m going to give this a bump- because it looks like you can no longer get near these numbers. I called around this morning looking specifically a 2016 (BMW no longer covers brakes and rotors after 2016). I was also given a residual of 44% for the 2017s…

geez 44%… but yeah 1k for i8, That’s a great deal! usually around 1300 and up. Who’s the sales? Greg ?

A couple folks from LA county- I wasn’t able to reach greg today. Normally LA county gives a more competitive discount on MSRP. They’re kinda my starting point.

Hit up crevier or any dealer from san diego see what they offer since it is end of month. Last time I was looking into this was when they were going for $1200/month with $0 down. Since this demo you should not be putting anything down and no MSDs. Also with tax you are looking at over $1100/month.

been looking for this for 1k after tax 0 MSD + TTL

The $1k down is kind of like a rounding error at this point

But this is an awesome deal – $1k for an i8 … it is happening!!! @vhooloo, forget the Boxster, what about this :slight_smile:

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I test drove the Jaguar F type convertible today but no dice, dealer does not want to go near 400.

Deal is no longer replicable. Dealer who offered me something similar a few months back tried recently and couldn’t get anywhere near the same numbers. BMW changed residual, best off waiting for December to pick up a leftover 2017.