2016 BMW i3 Lease - August lease terms?

Hi - could you please share the August BMW i3 REX lease #s for NorCal? Incentives, MF, RV for 10k/24 months. If there have been changes from the recent 5% RV increase in mid-July, please advise of the changes and which lease duration/mileage now provide the best all-in cost of ownership.

Plan to go to the dealership today, would much appreciate a reply today if at all possible. Thanks!

I dont think they will be available until the 3rd.

So are July #s still in effect for leases today? I thought they ended on 7/31, and new terms would apply on 8/1.

Bmwusa says offer valid through 8/1

Norcal dealer just confirmed the terms stayed the same for them. Asked them to run some numbers for me today

17s have a 7500 tax credit and i read the 16 i3 have low residuals, havent confirmed #s yet.

Ok this agent chose not to let me know the residual went down 5% to 66% (24mth/10k), until I called him on it. Apparently the 71% residual was a BMW special for the last week of July. I think this deal is blown for the time being

BMW pulled the deal after they managed a near record July and flushed inventory of 2016s down substantially. Look for great deals on used 2016s in August 2018.

To your point, there already are some great deals on used 2014s now. Check out Stevens Creek website

E-mailed my dealers, most dont have any 2016 i3 left on the lot. The one that did offered $2k off MSRP.

Might be well and truly dead.

I think the 5% residual bump might still be in place for the Rex model at least. Looking at the BMWUSA.com special offers with a CA zip code, the Rex model is advertised at a 68% residual for 30 months. But the Bev model is advertised at a 60% residual for 36 months. This seems strange. Can someone confirm? It looks like there are still plenty of 2016 Rex models on the lot…though the Bevs seem like they were all sold last month.

Bmw of mt view went crazy with the i3 sales pretty much all gone now just 1 left i thubk… Give them a call

Residual is 71% for 10k 24 months
And they go as high as 14% off msrp for a 2016 i3

I’m also seeing REX has a 68% residual for 30 mo with a SoCal zip code on bwmusa.com, so I went to SouthBayBMW in LA yesterday. They have 66 i3s on their lot according to their website.

The 1st quote the sales person gave me on a $50k REX for 24/10k is $5300 down and $199/month. I was literally biting my lips from yelling DO I LOOK LIKE A F**KING IDIOT TO YOU to his face. But anyway, I was just interested in finding out the residual for a 24-mo lease and the doc he showed to me saying the residual is on 63% for 24-mo lease. Maybe this deal is truly dead.

If 30m RV is really 68%, why would anyone choose 24m at 63% (assuming same/similar MFs)?

Based on previous awesome 24m RV of 71%, that implied 1.21% depreciation per month (29%/24).

Based on current 30m RV of 68%, this implies just 1.07% depreciation per month (32%/30), which is actually a better deal!! Assuming MFs are same/similar.

I’m wondering why anyone in Cali is going for 24mo rather than 30mo which will net you the cvr of $2,500 (or is it $1,500)?
Will those extra 6 months cost more than even $1,500?

I slightly prefer 24mo lease as put a deposit for Tesla Model 3, which is expected to be delivered in a year and half. The CA clean vehicle rebate is $1500 for REX and $2500 for BEV if you lease it for 30mo+. But the fund is currently exhausted and based on the news I’ve read, it’s not likely to be funded anytime soon, so I’m not really counting on that.

If I knew it before last week, I would probably do 24 month instead of 30 month. The free charge plan with charge point is two years. Thus you don’t have to pay anything for electricity for the whole lease term.

On the other hand, I am very happy with my i3. My average driving is 4mil/kwh. With SCE’s 2nd tier pricing, I am roughly paying $2.2 per 40 miles compared to the gasoline price of $2.19 at Costco gas station I paid two days ago at San Dimas.

Reached out to another dealership and confirmed that the terms have been indeed revived. 71% residual for 24 month 10k miles. I suggest those that are truly interested make a move quickly

Is there a spot on BMW’s web site to see the lease cost for that? I’m only seeing them advertise 36 months and it’s like $269/mo WITH $3,000 down for the i3 Rex… seems high still… I think you basically could get a fully loaded Volt for that?

In short no. You’ve got to go in and negotiate to get yourself a great deal.