2016 BMW i3 in SoCal

Anybody seen lease rates or deals on the 2016 model of the i3? In California especially the BEV pure electric model it looks like they are in short supply (especially in the new fluid black color) and all the lease deals are on the 2015 Rex model that doesn’t qualify for HOV lane anymore.

My current lease ends in mid March so was hoping to do a lease soon but he deals are terrible at dealers.

BMW is not pushing 2016 i3s for some reason.

A total of 183 i3s were sold in January, a fraction of the 1,422 sold in December 2015: http://insideevs.com/january-ev-sales-in-us-hit-record-high-no-thanks-to-you-bmw/

Compared to the 2015, the residual on a 2016 is 3% lower for the 30-month term, and there’s no $2,000 build-out allowance.

BMW still needs to sell these EVs, so hopefully deals improve later this year.

MIchael - any clue what the money factor for 2016 i3, BEV, 30 month, 10K miles/year - is .00132? In Southern California. What is residual? Is it 59%? I have a dealer that is saying the 30 months is 56% and the 24 month is 59%. But on this board it says Feb is .00132 and 59%.

The residuals are lower by 3% for the 2016s, which goes to show that BMW residuals aren’t necessarily grounded in reality:

30/10K lease
2015 i3: 59%
2016 i3: 56%

MF is .00132.

When I ordered my X5 in January 2015 residuals were one figure. When I got the car in February 2015, they had gone UP by 2 percentage points. It seems that the MF stays pretty constant so the only way for BMW to impact the price is to change the residual or offer some sort of lease cash. They seem to like to mess with the residuals so that some of the discounting is not quite so visible.

Question - is there any way to look and see when new inventory might be coming in from BMW? I’m curious when the next shipment of i3s might hit the lots. Is there any public info on this?