2016 BMW 535i Xdrive is this a good deal? Help Please!

Hello Everyone!

I’m in PA and wanted to see if I’m getting a good deal on a 2016 BMW 535i Xdrive. Pls Help!

MSRP 72,520
Sale $ 64,125
36 months for 10,000/miles per year
residual 67%
$604 monthly including 9% PA tax
5670 drive off

Im in PA as well, which dealer?

unless your doing MSD’s that drive off is about 4k to high. Discount isnt bad, not great .

Mt laurel NJ, that’s where I got my current 335. Yes, I’m maxing out on MSD. I have 1k for loyalty and 1,500 for USAA. So, what would be a good deal?

Eh, that will be up to you. Maybe 2k more, Have to figure this is the last year of this model. Im paying 648 for my 15 but my msrp was a little less at 70240.