2016 BMW 535i - Executive Demo - 11k miles - $399 month (w/tax) - Florida

Hi all,

thanks to all I learned in this forum, plus some critical help from one of the members here (Loberant) who works for SonicAutomotive, I was able to get the following deal on an BMW 535i - executive demo.
It beats the 1% rule by a lot, but it also isn’t “new”…

This car had 11.5k miles, but was untagged, meaning BMW leases it just as new, except for:

  • penalty for the miles it has above 500
  • the 4 year warranty started counting in 3/2016 ( I assume when the original driver started using it) and the 50k miles isn’t changed . Both don’t affect me as I leased it for 36 months , 10k per year.

The deal:

BMW 535i

  • Luxury line
  • Driver assistance package
  • Premium package
  • Cold Weather package
  • Smartphone Integration

Untagged with 11.521 miles

36 months, 10k miles/year lease.

MSRP : $64,420
Selling price: $47,684
BMW Assignment fee: $925
Capitalized cots: $48,609
Base Residual: 63%
High Mileage Adjustment: $2,611.50
Residual Value: $37,829.35

MF: .00134, reduced to 0.00085 by using 7 MSDs

Monthly payment: $372.90
W/ Florida Tax (6%): $399.00

On signing I only had to pay:

  • dealer fee: $699 - yes, pretty bad, but normal here in Florida
  • the MSD’s: $2800
  • First Month: $399
  • DMV plus a few small fees (battery, tires, etc)

It has the standard $350 disposition fee if I do not purchase the car at the end of the lease.

I found this car in a list Loberant posted a few weeks ago. I only contacted him 3 days ago.It was great dealing with him, as all my previous contacts with dealers where always a pain… Too much time, them trying to steer you towards a new car or even not knowing about leasing demo cars… With him there was no BS. Quick, knowledgeable, base money factors… He voluntarily reduced the original sales price not to include the extra CPO warranty (which I will not need as my lease will end before the original BMW warranty expires) plus, when the monthly payment came out at $400.70 and I proposed to pay a few dollars of downpayment to keep the MSDs at $400, he took those extra dollars himself from the selling price.

Regarding not being new, this is my 5th BMW lease (first here in the US), all the previous ones were brand new, and I cannot see anything different, other than a bluetooth device from the previous driver being listed. The car was handed to me in perfect condition!

I hope this helps other forum users on what is possible. I learned SO much here! Thank you so much to all the posters who have been sharing their knowledge.

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Great deal, but 2 things, correct me if im wrong but I believe loyalty can be used on these cars? And did you consider a 24 mo lease? It might be a few bucks cheaper considering the heavy discount off MSRP.

not sure if loyalty could still be used on top of this, but it wouldn’t apply to me. My previous leases were in Europe, and even though I had had a BMW here in the US, it was bought 2nd hand and fully owned by me. The current loyalty program is for people who have used BMW Financial services in the last 12 months I believe.

I did consider a 24 months lease ( I think it was about ~$8.00 less per month). Still, at this price I thought I’d better do the 36 month, as if I want to swap car earlier, I shouldn’t have much of a problem getting someone to take over this lease… Also, if I’m not mistaken, from 2017 models onwards, the maintenance will not be included anymore, so this way in two years time I’ll be able to see what’s available and then decide…

Congratulations on getting a great deal!!! Enjoy your ride.

Was your EU car a diesel?

Yes, all my European ones were diesel ones… Last one was a 520D with 188 HP, this one has 300 though :slight_smile:

They were also all station wagons, which can take a lot more luggage (specially if you lower your rear seats) than this “sedan”. Still, there my family would take vacations which required it, while here in the US we end up flying back to Europe to visit friends and family.

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Nice! I rented a 535 one time and it was by far the best car I’ve ever driven! If I could afford that, I’d be all over it! :slight_smile: Still hoping Loberant can help me get into a demo X3!

@loberant is not a sales person (per him) – he just works for Sonic and tries to find deals for win-wins.

Thank you!

And Congrats on the new car!

Super deal. Good job