2016 BMW 535D....discount off list?

I am looking at a 2016 BMW 535D. The car is a ex-loaner vehicle with almost 6K miles. What is a reasonable discount off of list? I have seen some say 25%. I would think I should get the most since they are about to release the newer 2017 models shortly.

We need to know more information – MSRP, current selling price of the car. exact number of miles, money factor, residual, etc. – to be able to give you a full, proper analysis.

At a minimum should be 20%. That is my opinion. But still you would have to consider the mile buyback and if it makes more sense to lease a new one if they do not discount it by much.

MSRP looks like $65,670. They are selling the car for $52,450. There is 5952 miles currently on the car. The residual on 2016 5 series are 62%. I am not sure what the MF is.

what is mile buy back?

The mile buy back is either either $.20 or $.25

@Phat It used to be $0.20, now it’s $0.25.

It’s BMW’s way of charging you for the depreciation that’s already taken place on the vehicle, but that’s why you have to get as much off on the selling price as possible.

IMO, that should be a minimum of 20% as NY13 stated above but I’d also add that mileage expense to the proposed discount.

so on this car in question
@ 6000 miles
there is an additional 1500$ that must be allowed for?
is that buy back number just an additional line item and then spread over the term?

Wasn’t there a guy trying to get rid of his 535D lease on here for like $498 a month?

not sure which region you live in but some are more competitive than others. However I strongly believe that diesel cars are less desirable (especially with gas prices at current levels) and you should be able to get a bigger discount if you live in a competitive market.