2016 BMW 528i Lease

I’m looking for a BMW 528. 36 month lease and 10k miles a year. Zip 30040 What are the July money factors and residual? What would you consider a good to great deal? Thx.

.00138 67% I’d shoot for at least 8k off

Bmw peabody mass 528i xdrive 359 month @ 10k/24 months. 4k down, 58k msrp premium package etc

BMW’s MF is now .00137.

A residual value of 67% is pretty solid for 36 months, right?

That’s the highest its ever been for the F10 5 series.

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yeah its a super high residual, all due in part to the sell down, new body style 5 series just around the corner for 2017.


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But that money factor is not very good

You can bring down the MF by doing 7 multiple security deposits

Can I please get the MF and RV for 528i in Mid-West for 24mo / 10k a year and 12k a year?

BMW programs do not vary by region.

24/10K: 73% residual, .00137 MF
36/10K: 67% residual, .00137 MF

This can be a great lease.

Thank you.


Did you get a deal on the 5 series? Anyone else?

I have emailed a half dozen dealers, most in or around L.A. and the others are the two that are often recommended here this early morning and no one has replied (lol)…So the quoted pricing of the $434/mo payment is like a pure base, not even the rearview camera is included but is part of a $1800 package…Want a push button start? It’s another $2600 package…So when all is said and done, probably will be closer to $500/mo to get some basic features you want and that’s if you can even find the combination in stock…Res aren’t as high on the 3 series but you could probably get a well equipped (just depends which options are important to you) 3 series for around $400/mo…

All the BMW dealerships’ website were down this morning. That could be the reason why you have not received any reply.

Lease Calculator

Sales Price:
10% off MSRP
Untaxed Incentives :
Down Payment:
Acquisition Fee:
Residual (%) at 10,000 miles/yr
Money Factor:
APR: 3.17%
Money Factor after MSD: 0.00083
APR: 1.99%
Document Fee:
License/Registrat. Fee:
Sales Tax:

Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $366
Drive Off: $7,474
First month’s payment incl. tax: $366
Down payment: $0
Total MSD payment: $2,800
Registration and doc fee: $545
Tax on the sales price: $3,763
Leasehackr Score: 14.7 years
Disposition Fee: $350
Total Lease Cost: $17,419

This is a Lease on a 528i 64545 at Midtown BMW in Houston. It has phantom cash, combined with USAA rebate.

Unfortunately, my fiance will not take a Sedan…

Thinking about taking my High Country Fishing this weekend…

Makes sense…I actually heard from one, while the model has a couple of packages still pretty close to the original rate of the article. I’m really on the fence because idk if I want to pay this much for a car that isn’t full featured. I’m considering a more loaded 320i/328i/X1 or possibly a downgrade to a Lexus/Infiniti…

i probably reached out to every dealership in the bay area… no response

They have been slow to respond from what i’ve had so far. Still compiling all the initial responses to see if any area good deal.

How did you get these incentives? Is this all from a USAA rebate? What is phantom cash?