2016 BMW 435xi Exec Demo Help

Found a great 435xi convertible at a local dealer. Car is a exec demo with about 3,500 miles.

Tell me if this deal makes sense, seems a bit high to me.

MSRP $69,945
Discount $16,770
End Price $53,175

They are charging $3,773.44 in sales tax and $610.00 in fees for a grand total of $57,558.44

Two year lease with 12,000 miles annually is $632.30 a month with $1,266.90 down.

Are you located in a state that taxes the entire sales price vs just the monthly payment?

I’m in Utah - first time leasing so I’m not sure on that side. Maybe someone else can chime in?

“The gross amount of all payments under a lease agree-
ment are subject to the tax, with the exception of the
fee-in-lieu of property tax and insurance charges.” That tax number can’t possibly be right.

Any other tips would be great!

If you could give us the MF and residual that would help.

Residual is $38,426 and MF 0.00174

I tried getting the MF down but they aren’t budging stating they discounted the car.

Then walk away and find another car. It really does not seem like a very good deal to me. The sales tax is odd and for such a big discount I would expect a lower payment.