2016 BMW 328i leased CA (Oct 31, Late post)

Hi everyone, Longtime lurker,

Wannna share the my lease experience
MSRP $46,825
Selling price $39,700
Lease for 36 month, 12,000 miles per year with drive off fee $1,852.55 plus 7 MSD of $2450.
Total paid at signing : $4302.55

Monthly payment is $317.33 plus tax (Including Tax is $341.13)

It may not be the best deal but i wanted a manual transmission, Felt like a good deal to me.

Finalized it on Oct 31, (Little late on post)




I’m curious as to what luxury dealers are straightforward and aggressive in California, would you mind sharing what dealership this was?

always ask for internet sales manager, they tend to offer decent deal from the start,
In my case dealership was “BMW of Ontario”.

228i or 328i? I assume typo in thread title.

Corrected thanks for pointing out.

what features / packages does this car have? base ?

BMW Ontario is where I get my service done :slight_smile:

Its got following package:

  • Driver Assistance Package
  • Lighting Package
  • Premium Package

Great deal, what’s the breakdown here other than acquisition and DMV?