2016 BMW 328i Lease Help

Guys, I am pretty new about leasing car and could you please give me some advice on this lease offer?

MSRP: $45,895
Sale Price: $39,180 (including $1500 fleet discount)
Security deposit: 0
residual: 66%
MF: 0.00116

Due at Signing: $541
Monthly payment: $452 (excluding tax)

Thank you so much!

Seems quite high even for a new vehicle. You can read up on experiences others were having, such as this:

I know the link I posted is for a demo, but the cost is significantly lower (<<1% MSRP). Also kind of depends on where you’re located, but doesn’t look like a great deal.

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I can only get to 450ish before tax with 7 MSD…assuming Acq fee rolled into monthly (but w/o any DMV fees)

W/o any deposit, it’s 490 before TTL by my calc