2016 BMW 328i deal $299

I never thought about leasing a car until last week…
I just looked up some sites about leasing and read tips…so contacted with many dealers last few days…
and here I got a new 2016 bmw 328i yesterday…just wanted share…


MSRP : $45,845
Sale price : $35,445

Security deposit:$2100
Advanced payment:$299.58
doc fee : $699
total cap reduction: $424

residual:$28,882 (63%)
money factor : .00125

monthly payment:$299.58(include tax)


where are you located? which dealer?

That’s a huge discount

They made some of that back with the .00040 MF markup

hows possible to get .00040 ? i couldn’t even get .00085

It’s a mark-up on top of buy rate, not effective MF.

oh damn. thats alot… maybe i should’ve tried to get more discount lol
I’m going to find another vehicle very soon. gotta go get better discount this time.

Congrats. This is the deal I am looking for.

Could you share dealer and CA so that we can replicate the deal?

any rebate, loyalty, etc. other than 1k holiday credit?

There is another 2016 328i deal for $269, hurry get them before they’re gone!

The dealership in San Antonio was a mad house on Saturday. We waited over two hours for one of the finance guys to meet with us and process the paperwork (& try to sell ding insurance, etc). They had sold 45 cars when we left at 6.

Good news for those of you in Texas, BMW of SA has two more cars on the lot exactly like the one I bought. I think that’s one of the reasons I got such a good deal. But I wouldn’t expect them to give big discounts after Monday. All of the 2016 promotions end 1/3.

So there is some truth to the end of year sales rush. Still, it’s probably better to buy when the dealer is swamped since they won’t try to sell you their “extras” too hard.