2016 Benz E350 4Matic lease options

I live in NJ and I am currently looking for a new car to lease. I own a Audi SQ5 but want another daily driver. 2016 MBenz E350 4Matic is what I really like. I have look into leasing options but want to make sure I get the best “bang for my buck” in terms of lease options.

Just curious of what the % off MSRP I should be around, residual, and money factor. And if there are any known dealerships that have worked with the suggested number.

Thank you!

I don’t have the residual and mf which I feel like are the harder things to attain so the four admins will probably give you those. But for the % off msrp a simple search on true car or Edmunds would give you an honest answer on how much the car can be discounted before incentives. As for finding incentives truecar and Edmunds usually have most listed but by the looks of the deals this site has some incentives can also be hidden or hard to find out about.

Here are the programs for 2016 E350 4Matic:

10,000 mi/year
24 mo: 65%, .00070 MF
36 mo: 59%, .00077 MF

The 36-month program is more favorable.

My parents have been leasing E-Classes since 2012, and discounts off MSRP have always been heavy. We’ve been getting 15-18% off MSRP from dealers (Southern California) without any in-person negotiation. Chicago might be slightly more but not too far off.

In the case of Mercedes, I’ve found that internet sales departments provide even lower quotes by email than on sites like TrueCar or Edmunds Price Promise.

Is that the same for nyc area and if I live in New York can I use security deposits if I purchase from New Jersey?

I too am in SoCal and am interested in an E-class or perhaps SUV. Would you kindly provide me with the dealer and name of agent so that I too can score a good deal?

I am also looking for a E350. Would you kindly share the dealer you leased the vehicle from and price you negotiated at.

would you please tell me your monthly payment on this lease?

@foahtein and @sowhat777,

Here are more details regarding Michael’s E-Class lease:

We have more past E-Class lease numbers on Lease Log:

My family has also leased a E350 Bluetech at the terrific price. Loved the car, especially considering how much we paid for it.

Hey Mike, Are E-350 4MATIC Bluetech numbers same in NJ area? Any idea if they offer millage below 10K?

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