2016 Audi A4 with navigation for 377$

Your site has been really helpful to me in understanding leases. thanks for the good work.
I am getting a white Audi 2016 for <380$ a month (10k miles,36 months) with 1499 drive off.
It has the navigation package, back view camera.

This also includes wear and tear package as well as 5 years of maintenance.
The car is MSRP of around 40325 i believe. Let me know if its a good deal.
The residual was around 21k+

can someone please chime in, this is my first lease. Just want to be check with the leasing wizards.

Hey, Where are you getting this lease ? ( Region and Dealer name )


Money Factor and what paid for the car will explain what exactly what happen.

Put in your zip code. - https://www.audiusa.com/myaudi/offers-programs

The OP’s deal isn’t that much better than what Audi is offering which is based on paying MSRP in most cases.

Thanks Anthony, that link is helpful. This is a loaded model with navigation, blind side assist. Includes wear and tear plus 5 years of maintenance.

Maintainence is 850 and wear and tear is 1500.
All is including 9.5%taxes.

Given thia do we feel its a deal.