2016 ATS Sedan 2.0L Performance (Demo) for ~$400/month

Just wanted to share this deal I’m working on, seems that there are some good deals to be had this month on the Cadillacs, especially the demos. I don’t want to share location information just now since I’m actively working a few deals, but I (unfortunately) live in a state where tax is calculated on the entire price of the car, not the monthly payment, so your price could be even better. I also get supplier pricing on GM vehicles because of my employer. Fees aren’t all set yet, but this is the ballpark:

MSRP: $48,065
Supplier Pricing: $44,990
Demo Discount: -$4,732
Selling Price: $40,990 (15% off MSRP)
Lease Cash: -$5,300
GM Loyalty: -$750
Total: $34,940

+Tax: $2,562
+Fees: $480


MF: .00005
Term: 39 months/10k miles
Residual: 48%

Leasehackr calculator gives me $401. Damn good price for the amount of car you get! Obviously, you will get even better pricing with a lower trim.

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With that much in rebates and that high of a discount off of MSRP, you might be better off doing a two year lease.

Thank you for the suggestion, I just wanted to keep the car for longer than 2 years. I’ll look at those numbers, but I’m kinda looking at a CTS Performance and it’s around 500/month for a 63k car

Tax on more expensive vehicles is a killer in states like VA where tax is calculated on selling price. Such bs.