2016 Acura TLX lease question

Hi i was in he market for a new Acura tlx. I’m interested in the 2016 v4 tech. What’s the residual on this vehicle in NJ for 36months 10k miles (if possible lower?)

So far my dealer offered me $323 for the v4 tech 0 down all taxes included. 36690 msrp and doesn’t tell me what residual incentives are or anything really

For the v6 base I was $289 / month. He tells me msrp of 36260 with 8k incentive.

I know for a fact I’m getting household Acura loyalty, military, and recent grad. But what else could I be getting to get up to 8k incentives. And does that carry over to the v4 tech.

I apologize in advance. It’s my first time leasing. I’ve been reading everywhere to see the best deal. I might as well ask now

2016 TLX I4 Tech
36/10K: 54% residual, .00070 MF

Targeted: $500 grad, $700 military

Ok great what are the chances of me negotiating this Deal

2016 2.4 tech tlx
Msrp: $36,690
Sales price: $29,500 (20% off msrp)
My incentives : 750 military, 1000 Acura loyalty, 500 recent grad?

Assuming I get that with NJ tax 7% and 54% residual it should put me around $274 a month after tax

Send them that offer, worse they say is no and counter.

The dealer I’m working with was out negotiated by another with 0 due at signing with my monthly at 319. For the 4 cyl tech.

Not bad. Enjoy the car.

I’m thinking of taking the 319 but that sales price of 31000. Im sure I can negotiate more when I’m physically at the dealer. At at least have them throw in remote start or all weather mats hahaha. I’m striving for a good 20% off msrp

Just stick to what your comfortable with. Tlx’s arent hot sellers.

Don’t understand they comment. But I spoke with ge dealer he lowered his msrp to 29750. Making my monthly 304 a month. I’ll let everyone know how I make out tomorrow!

What dealer in NJ are you working with

What is the 2016 v6 tech residual value and money factor for 36m 10k???

I found out the residual. It’s 55% with .0070.

I got this offer. What do you guys think

V6 tech 2016: msrp 40,315
Incentives: 2250
Drive off: first month 327

Monthly payment of 327 a month for 36 months 10k miles.

What do you think

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327 w/ tax seems pretty solid on a 40k car.

Actually it’s 7500 miles

eh so prob close to 350 with 10k is the sales price before or after incentives?

So you think that is the best price ? I believe it is.

is the 32k sales price before or after the incentives?

Before incentive. My incentive is military college and loyalty

cant really complain with 10k off, thats about 25% off msrp.

Perfect if anyone is interested in making this kind of deal speak with Alfredo from Park ave Acura in NJ! Amazing customer service

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