2016.5 Mazda CX-5

Looking to lease a 2016.5 Mazda CX-5 Touring in 06460.

Msrp is 27,415- before I negotiate they brought it down to 26,915. 36 months/ 12k a year they had me at 299. I know I can get way better of a deal, but how much better?

I’d love to know the August numbers on the CX-5 Touring in Southern California. Are these available, @michael?

I’m starting to get pricing from SoCal dealers on a base 2016.5 CX-5. Does anybody have the MF/Residual/etc. for August? I’d really appreciate it so I can plug them into the Lease Calculator. Thanks, leasehackrs!

I got this in the northeast on a touring awd. I’m not really sure how the residual is so high.

I just got a quote on a base touring FWD in SoCal with an 84% residual for a 24 mo lease/10,000 miles per year. MF is at .002, though, but the total payment is $225 with tax. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a residual so high!

That’s so crazy. From what I’ve heard on here, lease deals are way more competitive in SoCal than anywhere else. There was another touring model with a residual similar to yours - I think 81-83% but it was going to be more expensive due to less incentives. Again, I still don’t understand how/why it’s so high.

It’s been kinda quiet here for the CX-5 so I’ll contribute this deal that I just helped negotiate. Includes $750 loyalty rebate plus the zero-to-drive deal which covers the first month’s payment for a true $0 drive off.

CX-5 GT Fwd with Tech
MSRP 30925
Selling Price 28453
Cap Cost 29048
Rebate CCR ($312)
Adj. Cap Cost $28,736
MF 0.00120
Residual $22,266 (72%)
Monthly $277 + tax