2016.5 CX5 Mazda Grand Touring Base w/ roof racks

Hello I was hoping you couuld give some feedback on this deal

Mazda Grand Touring, Base Trim w/ roof racks -36 mo 12k

Sticker 31000
Residual 59%
MF .00051

706.00 tax tags fees
first months payment 323.00
Total 1029 at signing

Mo payment 323.00

sorry I forgot to add this is the cx5 grand touring

Have you checked this thread?

Yes, That’s actually what I was gauging it with, his deal was 39 mo 10k and says the MF was .00001 that’s .25% interest. We have 10% tax , the number I got for 39 mo. is 309.00 and the MF is .00051 which is 1.25%. so with the extra miles interest and tax it doesn’t seem too far off…$53 a month more.