2016 428i Gran Coupe

What are the October numbers?

And what’s the best deal anyone has seen on this?

2016 4-series Gran Coupe

36/10K: 63% residual, .00136 MF
Targeted: $1,000 grad, lease loyalty

I helped someone get a 428i Gran Coupe last month. In Southern California, I’d target 12% off MSRP. Ended up being $529/mo with $2,300 drive-off + MSD on a loaded $59K car. No targeted incentives used.

Can I get 24 month numbers too? Thanks.

You know those numbers look really good, this is the offer I got on a coupe :

MSRP of 50005.00 2017 430 coupe … 2000.00 discount
off MSRP , on approved credit , 3000.00 cash down plus lease start fees
, 36 month lease term , 15k/yr mileage use , 569 + tax x 36 … good
till 10/30/2016

Does that sound good? Should I negotiate differently ? What do you guys think ?

Would need the residual for 15k a year but runninf the calculator for 10k a year i get 480 plus tax and other fees. So they adding other things in there unless residual is low for 15k a year.

I saw the 24 month was the better deal in the 320i thread. Wondering if that’s the case for this too.

@michael do you have the 24mo numbers?
I also saw there was $1,500 cash to customer on costco auto. Is this something I’d need to tell them about or is it automatic?

2016 4-series Gran Coupe

24/10K: 69% residual, .00136 MF
Targeted: $1,000 grad, lease loyalty

The $1,500 dealer cash would be reflected in the quote they provide to you.

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