2016 328i Msport $47,265 MSRP for $375mo(+tax) SoCal

2016 BMW 328i Msport
$47,265 MSRP
$3651.37 Drive offs of which $2800 (MSD)
$375 a month + tax for 35 months
Edit: black sapphire on black

This is without any incentives. Leasehackr score of 10.5.

What is the cap cost?

Isn’t this 340i demo sedan money?

Non demo brand new with badges

seems like a pretty good price. I wonder how much it would be for a regular 328? Let us know when you get more info on the incentives and other details!

If you qualify if incentives then go ahead and stack it up! Like I said- this price is without any incentive or work- so if you do have incentives, it would make it a sweeter work. Here is a link to the car- I love the stripes!!! Look for Chris Mazzio- he was the one I worked with to get the quote.


eh, from reading these forums the only incentives I’ve seen on BMW were USAA which I don’t qualify for. Did you happen to look for one without the Msport package? I wonder how much that would decrease the price?

Probably by $30 decrease. Incentives don’t come free- loyalty, USAA, BMWCCA, Grad, fleet- -all will need work. @loberant has some pretty killer demo deals if you are interested.

awesome. I just sent him a message. I know he’s in NC so didn’t know if he’d have connections in SoCal.

Sonic has several dealerships here in Socal

sweet! Hopefully I’ll be able to get hooked up!