2016 320i Is this a good deal?

Hello, about to sign a lease, wondering if this is a good deal. Dealer says it is their best offer. There has not been a thread on any 320i for a while so I thought I’d start a new one.

12k miles/yr / 36 month
Base model MSRP 34145
Cap cost 29832
Residual 21169
2450 (7) security deposits to bring MF to .00129
345 first payment
125 title
969.54 TTL
3889.72 due at signing

No. Money factor looks marked up especially with 7 MSDs

terrible deal. This is worse than the national advertised special on BMWUSA.com AND you even put MSDs.


Those national advertised deals are usually just the starting point before you negotiate it down and put MSDs. Your dealer is seriously ripping you off. Go to another dealer.

Not a good deal. NH dealer has MSRP 32.8k,393 /month, 0 down. With 7 security deposits, should be able to bring MF much lower

I am sorry guys, I should have wrote the numbers more clearly. Thisis a zero down deal. The money due at signing is from the 7 MSD, first payment and TTL. Does that change your opinion? Thanks

Understood that. Deal is no good. MF should be, I think, .00135 - 7x.00007 = .00086
That is at least one place you are being ripped off. Just look at your payments and you can see that you are paying like $100 in financing costs above depreciation in each payment. Your monthly payment should be like $285 after the 7 MSDs.

Ok, I went to another dealer. This is for a loaner car with 4K miles.
MSRP 36,660.
Selling price 30,950.
Residual 21,804.
Proc/doc Fee 485.
Total due at signing 2,861.
MF is .00079 with MSD.
Monthly payment $308.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Edit to ask, what apart from TTL makes up Total Due at Signing? Thanks

To answer my question, total due at signing was

proc/doc fee 485
lien and license 118.5
taxes 1005.88
acquisition fee 925.88
first month payment 308

to yield total due at signing of 2861

I think this is an OK deal… I am going to ask the dealer to tint the windows and if they can drop the price any more.