2015 Murano Platinum AWD

I’m new to leasing and trying to make some informed decisions. My wife is looking for a Nissan Murano. I saw an ad online from Nissan, for a 2015 Platinum AWD model. They list the following:

MSRP: 41855
A $2750 rebate
Cap Cost: $34,823
$595 acquisition fee

Initial payment $2699 (2311 consumer downpayment plus $388 first month)

I’m trying to check prices Edmunds and Truecar. My wife can get the VPP pricing through her work so I figured that was a good place to start.

Can anyone tell me the MF and residual for a 2015 Platinum Murano AWD,? for 36mo both 10k and 12k?

I’m only see $2050 lease cash, but I don’t see the $2750 rebate. Is there both a rebate AND lease cash? Are there other current incentives? What’s my best approach here?

Hi @MrD, where are you located? Nissan lease incentives vary by region.

I’m in NY. Upstate NY if it matters.

2015 Murano Platinum AWD in NY, valid through 5/2/16

36/12K: 51% residual, .00003 MF
$2,050 lease cash + $750 bonus cash

Targeted: $750 Grad/Military

Hi everyone! Instead of opening a new topic, I will just continue this one. I am also looking at a 2015 Murano Platinum AWD (4 months later). The MSRP is 43,080 and I am located in MA. I am looking at a 36/10k lease. Do you have numbers for this month? I am deciding between this suv or a limited 2016 Sorrento. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for continuing this thread.

Nissan no longer offers a supported lease program on 2015 Murano. Here are the numbers for 2016 Murano Platinum AWD:

36/12K: 53% residual, .00024 MF
All: $700 lease cash + $1,000 bonus cash + $500 Murano Platinum bonus cash
Targeted: $750 grad

Nissan does not offer a 10K mi/year lease.