2015 Kia Optima Hybrid


I’ve been trying to replicate the deal on a Kia Optima Hybrid on the landing page of the site. I’ve found a few new 2015 Optima Hybrids being offered for around $4k off of MSRP (rather than 2016s like in the article).

I don’t mind leasing a 2015. My question is, are the residual, MF, and incentives the same for a 2015 on a 24mo/10k lease as they are for a 2016?



There is no supported lease program for the 2015 Kia Optima Hybrid. :disappointed:

Can anyone confirm the this info?

A salesman told me a Monday that there is $6000 incentive for leases with residual of 46% and MF of 0.008 for 2015 KIA Optima Hybrid s

edmunds.com posted these numbers a few weeks ago: http://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/comment/5231679/#Comment_5231679

I contacted several dealers in SoCal and none of them is ready to lease 2015 model.
It seems like some restriction from Kia Financing.

The issue that I’ve ran into with 2015’s is that they have all been transferred to the dealer as test/demo, which excludes them from factory current incentives.

I’ve been told that by two separate dealers.

Same here, 3 dealers, including Kia of Downtown LA. None of the 3 I spoke to would confirm the 2015 EX’s are demos, they are sold as new with full warranty from your sale date, but they refused to lease. One of the dealers confirmed there is 9000 lease cash on a 2015 hybrid EX 24/12 lease available form Kia Motors Finance, but still said he could not lease his vehicle to me. His explanation was that the car has been “punched” and is now an “Ad Car” ,meaning he can list it in an Ad below MSRP, 28,800 in this case. He has 2 at this price, both with ~ 50 miles…