2015 Infiniti Qx60


I am based in Los Angeles and I have seen many Ads for the Base Model for $319 exclude tax with $1995 Drive off for 39 months 10k.

The best quote I got was 1000k drive off (first month, taxes etc) with $410 a month include tax.

The MSRP for the Base is $43,852 in Monrovia Metro Infiniti. True car has the final price as $37252.

I believe the MF is .00055 and residual is 58% and according to the lease calculator on this forum is says I can get it for $333 include tax. However, it looks too good to be true, since the dealer has the estimate way above what I am calculating, almost $80 per month more. Am I doing this right? What should be the final monthly if you can assist :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.

Hi cpak,

From plugging in the following into our lease calculator…

Make: Infiniti
MSRP: $43,852
Selling Price: $37,252
Incentives: $0
Acquisition Fee: $700
Down Payment: $0
Residual: 57% (10,000 miles per year) <- it’s 58% for AWD model
Money Factor: .00055
MSD: 0
Months: 39

… I get a monthly payment of $367 ($400 with 9% sales tax) and approx $900 drive-off, which is not too far off from your current quote.

You can save ~$34/month by placing 5 refundable security deposits, which would lower the MF from .00055 to .00005.

Best of luck!

Sounds great!
How much is each MSD and for each one you put how much you save?

thank you

With Infiniti, each MSD lowers the MF by .00010. One security deposit is equivalent to the monthly lease payment rounded to the nearest $50.

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We did MSD’s on both my wife’s former G25 and her current G37. We lowered her payment on the latter by $50/mo by using the MSD option. As long as you have the liquid cash, doing MSD’s are a great option. However, not all MSD’s are created equal. When I leased my S4, the MF reduction on MSD’s wasn’t nearly as significant as it was with Infiniti, so I passed on doing any.

How is this deal?

I think I did it right. I was basing on the Advertisement on the OC infiniti website. The internet manager gave me a similar deal but was about 10 bucks off more per month. Instead of the $319 advertised she said its $329. Not sure where she got that number of if the msrp offered was higer.

Make: 2015 Infiniti Qx60 Fwd
MSRP: $43395
Sales Price: $35175 (19% off MSRP)
Taxed Incentives: $0
Untaxed Incentives: $0
Acquisition Fee: $700
Down Payment: $0
Net Capitalized Cost: $35875
Residual: 57%
(10,000 miles/yr)
Money Factor: .00055
APR: 1.32%
Months: 39
Monthly Payment ex. Tax: $319
Document Fee: 80
Registration and doc fee: $480
Sales Tax: 9%
Monthly Payment (Incl Tax): $348

Drive Off: $835
(First month’s Payment incl. tax: $319
Down payment: $0
Registration and doc fee: $480
Tax on cap reduction and fees: 7)
Total Lease Cost: $14,042

Looks like a good deal! That’s a substantial discount (19% off), and the dealer did not markup the MF. $319/month including tax with $0 down is an awesome deal for a $44K luxury 7-passenger SUV.

@cpak, thanks so much for bringing this deal to light. I just picked mine up and love it. It took some work to find a base model and a dealer that would play, @michael thanks for your expertise and for highlighting the deal on the main blog. Had it not been for this post, I’d have known nothing about MSDs, and how low the sales price could’ve gone. I would’ve assumed 10% off, but the knowledge provided here gave me the confidence and know how to chase the deal properly.

I will admit that 4 of the dealers I contacted flat out called me crazy and accused me of basically making up numbers. Another 2 were in the ballpark, but either didn’t have the base or I didn’t like the color. It was interesting that one couldn’t lower the monthly (MSRP not coming down enough basically), but instead offered to pay the drive off (first month and registration for a total of roughly $800. This would’ve worked out to close to @cpak 's deal in a round about way.

I ended up doing the deal in Southern California with a dealership far from my house. I gave the internet manager a copy of the blog post and he said he would match it. Having had the previous experiences, my guard was up as no other dealer had been so agreeable and I was expecting a bait and switch, As we were finalizing the deal, he brought up the VPP program, basically a discount program for partners and companies affiliated with Nissan/Infiniti. As a result of my employer, he took an additional $1,000 off of MSRP which turned this deal from good deal to steal. That dropped the payment including tax to $306. Seeing that, I had him raise the mileage to 12K/year as you will see in the deal below. Assuming the math is correct, I’m basically prepaying the additional 6500 miles (over 39 months) at 13 cents a mile. After we had a deal, he told me a few more tips.

  1. He had some sort of $500 bonus certificates that they use as dealer closing tools. Unfortunately, he had already used the 3 he had, so they were supposedly -$500 on the deal. However, they are doing the deal for the unit to qualify for a bonus which will apply to their previous sales so it still works out for him.
  2. He said that Infiniti typically has a program where they will pay off the last two payments of the lease if you go into another Inifiniti. Therefore, as I was paying Month 1 at purchase and have 38 payments remaining, he suggested to contact him after month 36, when I’d have 2 payments remaining to see what kind of deal I can get then.
  3. I paid my drive off using a credit card to receive air miles.
  4. I saw one dealership had 2 years of free maintenance and tried to get it thrown in, but didn’t succeed on this.
  5. Rep said disposition fee can be waived if I go into another Infiniti at end of lease.

Not having leased before, I was very skeptical of this deal, but was tempted by the low payment, high MSRP (it’s a luxury car), and lack of a down payment. Hearing dealers call me crazy didn’t help. However, knowing that @cpak had gotten it done, I felt I just needed to keep calling and emailing until I got the deal done. My results are below. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Make: 2015 Infiniti Qx60 Fwd
MSRP: $43395
Sales Price: $34875 (20% off MSRP)
Taxed Incentives: $0
Untaxed Incentives: $0
Acquisition Fee: $700
Down Payment: $0
Gross Capitalized Cost: $35655
Residual: 57%
(12,000 miles/yr)
Money Factor: .00005
APR: .12%
Months: 39
Monthly Payment ex Tax: $292.77
Document Fee: 80
Registration and doc fee: $473.57
Sales Tax: 9%
Monthly Payment (Incl Tax): $319.12

Drive Off: $2,492.69
(First month’s Payment incl. tax: $319.12
Down payment: $0
Registration and doc fee: $473.57
5 MSDs: 1750
Total Lease Cost: $13,264.25 including $395 disposition fee

P.S. The base model is NICE! It even has a power liftgate, heat seat warmers, and a moon roof. I took an extended 200 mile victory lap tonight and love it. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this website


Congratulations, $292 for a 43k car, now that is a super nice deal !

Got the lease signed with NY dealer, registering in NJ. Prem+ Prem Plus + Roof Rails. 39 months/10K

MSRP: 50,680
Selling Price: 41,900
Acquisition Fee: 700
Doc Fees: $80
OTD: 1,650
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): 388

wow!! Thats awesome! You even got 12k a year! What dealership gave you that?

Happy New year

I searched for deals in NJ and one dealer quoted me below values for AWD. Could someone please let me know if we can get lease for $320+ in NJ


Description Invoice MSRP True Market Value®
Base Price $40,734 $43,800 $39,394
Java $0$0$0
Platinum Graphite $0 $0 $0
Roof Rail Cross Bars $338 $400 $360
Roof Rails $413 $495 $445
Rear Bumper Protector $165 $210 $189
Illuminated Kick Plates $364 $440 $396
Splash Guards $169 $205 Unavailable
Destination Fee $995 $995 $995
Advertising Fee $300*
Regional Adjustment for Zip Code: 08818 Update $408
Color Adjustment $49
Total Price $43,309* $46,340 $42,236*


2015 QX60 Base
$1500 Due at Signing
12k miles – $520.00
15k miles – $540.00

When I shared your info, he replied with below details:

Unfortunately we do not stock any FWD model QX60’s only the AWD models. With this change, it changes all the money factor and residuals. The residual on the vehicle I quoted you is .54%, the money factor is .0006 and the incentives are a total of $1,500. I am willing to give you my best possible deal on my vehicle but unfortunately I cannot compare the deal to a FWD model car.


Any deals for 2015 Acura MDX in this price range [<$350]?

as i have learned here, each model has different factors and opportunities to maximize savings. FWD is clearly a low seller for Infiniti and they are willing to invest in discounting more to move it. AWD appears to be an easier sell they have less incentive and different money factors, residual values, etc. Kia Sorento obviously not the same luxury class, but can get very much better deals if cost is a factor.

What are the money factors for fwd and awd in feb? Have they been updated. My broinlaw went yesterday and they said mf were updated.

NJuser Can you let me know what dealer you worked with? I am very interested in getting an QX60 and I live in NYC area. Thanks

cant seem to get this deal anymore anywhere in socal??

Just got a note 2 days ago from @gotcj7 here that he got a similar deal at Infiniti of Riverside. Harry T still seems to be wheeling and dealing!

I would love to get this deal in South Florida but all dealers here shot me down
Anyone was able to get a deal close to Miami area ?

I am looking for a fully loaded infinti qx60. Is it worth to lease or buy a fully loaded, final price I got was 51k to buy but could not get a deal on a lease. Need help in closing a lease deal.

So, I have narrowed down the vehicle that I want. I live in Illinois. Assuming that the MF is .00008, the residual is 52% (is this number correct??) and I want 39 months, 12k miles per year.

2015 Q50 premium AWD with:

deluxe touring package
all weather
illuminated kick plates
17" tire and accessories package

MSRP- 49,480
Selling Price - 40,000

Running it through the lease calculator on this site, I have calculated $424 per month after tax(7%). I am seeing people getting this model with these options in the low 400 after tax. Is my deal a good one? Should I proceed with it?