2015 Ford Edge Deal

Needed to pick up a car to replace my Q5…shopped around looking at various mid size SUVs…ended up with a 2015 Ford Edge SEL-AWD.

MSRP: $40980

Zero Drive Off - 36/10500

Monthly: $392 including 9% Los Angeles Tax

Love the car so far…not quite as nice as Audi, but at 33% less than my previous lease, it’s an excellent deal.

Things I really enjoyed about Ford experience: no bank/acquisition fee and no disposition fee! Also, dealer (Santa Monica Ford) was terrific…professional, no BS, no upsell.

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Congrats! I got my Focus Electric from Santa Monica Ford and had a great experience Internet sales there.

Ford did a really good job with the new Edge. It’s on-par with many luxury SUVs, in my view.

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Which options did you get on the edge?

White Metalic Paint, 201A package, tow hitch, utility package, liftgate, panoramic roof…I think there were about 8 or 9 K worth of options.

I sort of wish I had gotten the titanium only because the stock sound system isn’t great, and the center stack looks a little cheap.

But for the price, I can live with it…I think all the Titanium models had a black interior, and I didn’t want that color.

Also, if it makes a difference, the original quote was for a 38500 model 4 that they needed to trade out for…they had mine in stock and sold it for the same price!

Thanks very much good luck with it!!

Thanks I was able to get a similar deal after trying 7 local dealers.

Good to hear…it’s a great car. Not quite as nice as my Q5, but for 35% less a month, a much better deal!

I got the same deal in New York in case anyone is interested.