2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE

Hi I am in Austin, TX and it appears that there might be a good deal on CMAX hybrid. Ford offers nice discounts and there a lot of 2015 still on a lot. Could you please provide current residual and money factors on 2015 and 2016. Thank you

Ford has pulled all lease support from 2015 C-MAX.

Here’s the numbers for 2016 C-MAX Hybrid SE in Austin, TX:

24/12K: 56% residual, 2.25% APR
36/12K: 47% residual, 0.5% APR

Add 1% for 10,500 miles/year. Subtract 2% for 15K.

$4,500 lease cash
Targeted: $1,000 Prius/Volt owner cash, $1,000 Military/First Responders, $1,000 RCL Renewal, $500 Grad, $500 Disaster Relief Cash (if your car was totaled by the flood), or $250 Competitivee Lease Cash

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