2015 C300 Courtesey Vehicle Lease

I am looking at a potential lease of a C300. I asked the dealer for the best prices on either 2015 or 2016 C300’s in stock.

He offered three courtesy vehicles, all 2015 models, all under 5000 miles. One of them is RWD, the other two are 4Matics.

Asking price for the RWD is $30k, the 4Matics are $35k.

Are 2015’s still available for lease? I know that demo/courtesy cars do fall under the new category, so that shouldnt be an issue.

What is the MF and Residual for RWD and 4Matics? I think the 4Matics are .00119 MF and $60% (36/12). Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Ok, I got all the answers I need. However, I’m not sure how/where to apply the lowered residual (due to mileage)? How does it figure in with my monthly payments?

I dont think anyone cares at this point. But I’ll post my experience anyways:

I went into the dealership last night to try and secure the lease. I wasn’t given any clear printout on the potential lease offer (I think the main thing missing was the cap cost, which they did not give me).

They also mentioned that the current miles would not count against me, and that I could bring the car back with 36k + whatever the mileage was at the time of sale without additional mileage fees. I disagreed, but they said that it would be in writing.

Here was the result (for FL):

MSRP: $46800
Sales Price: $34603
Mileage: 4300
MF: .00164 (sales manager told me he marked it up from .00119)
Residual: 60%
Doc: $300
Lic+Reg: $400
Aquisition: $750

My total came to $340/month with taxes included. Drive off around $1100 (first month, other upfront fees).

Using the exact same numbers in their system, they had $379/month.

I did not move forward with the lease because there was, what I felt, something fishy going on…Can anyone give me an idea why the $40 difference per month between my numbers and theirs? Am I doing something wrong or are they fudging the numbers somewhere and not telling me?

Sounds to me they’re rolling in some of the drive off fees. You say it’s $1100, but $750 Acq + $400 Reg + $300 Doc + $340 1st should be more like ~$1800.

Separately, I’m not a mod here but 60% residual for 36mo on a 1 (model) year old car seems very high. Might you be calculating with 2016 figures?

The acquisition fee is rolled into the lease.

I confirmed the residual value before going into the dealership, and when I was at the dealership. So yes, its 60%.

With your numbers and assuming 6% FL sales tax I come up with $324/mo

Do you mind telling me how you came at that number? Each time I’ve done it, i come up with $340/month

Just go to the calculator on this site and enter your numbers. Other calculators show the same.

How did you figure the adj cap cost? And what is rent charge?

Using the calculator on this site I get $339/month with all taxes+fees.

Are you taking into account the mileage?

Thanks for your help.

Adj cap cost = $34,603 + $750. Calculator does the job for you and calculates everything, including Rent Charge (or Finance Fee). Just plug in your numbers. How can you take mileage into account to calculate lease? You will get 36K miles on top of 4.3K miles.