2015 BMW i3 lease deal / MSRP

I test drove a BMW i3 loaded with range extender yesterday at SF BMW. (Sticker $55k). Wonderful car, but I don’t think I was getting a great deal. Considering these are 2015 models and the 2016’s are already on the lot, what is a reasonable expected percentage off of MSRP? Is 20% or higher on these vehicles out of the question? Essentially these are 1 year old cars… The final number I was given was 13% off MSRP, but I am not convinced that was really a good deal. Thoughts?

Don’t do it- the new ones are coming out soon with +50 more range.

Which is why i feel i should be getting a better deal. This is for a lease, not purchase.

I’m not sure what my coworker got for his MSRP, but his i3 w/ range extender is $160/m before tax, $0 down, and just tax/title/registration due upon signing at Steven Creeks BMW. (This was back in November, deals may have changed since)

Unless you’re able to get the same deal that was featured on leasehacker- don’t do it.

We leased an i3 REx giga last month. Wife very happy with it. Though she did get into a @#$!@# fender bender 3 weeks after we picked up the car. With the rebates and incentives it’s a solid way to drive that car. Given how fast tech is changing and how many electric cars are coming out, I would never have purchased it.

I just got this deal last weekend in San Diego:

About 16% off MSRP for a pretty loaded Tera.

whats that 10k cap cost? is that cash down?

EDIT looks like 7500 + 2500 rebates.


The $7500 federal credit gets deducted right away, and I chose to roll in the $2500 CA rebate, which I’ll get back in a month-- the side effect of the extra $2500 cap reduction was that it reduced my monthly enough to have my security deposit down $50*7, which was also nice.

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Congrats! Looks like a great deal.

Hi Reza,
Can you please share the contact details of the dealer.


BMW of El Cajon - Tamara Taylor


Thank you for sharing the info.

I am talking to a deal who only has one 2015 i3 left which is a loaner car. It has 6k miles on it. Is it ok to lease it? Or should I look somewhere else? Current selling price is 15% off MSRP.

I just picked up a 2015 i3REX Giga fully loaded at a 14.5% discount off MSRP plus the $7500 Federal Credit, $2500 California Credit and a $1,000 BMW Loyalty credit. Money factor with 7 security deposits, residual and all other terms identical to rkaregaran as posted above. I could not get as much off as he did but the $1,000 loyalty credit helped a lot. My payment with just the $2500 down (which is refunded by the state) is $175.56 for a car with MSRP of $54,895. Every $1,000 in MSRP costs about $8.83 per month (assuming you get 14.5% discount and residual is 59%). So if you get a lightly optioned car (and/or you can get some additional rebates from the ultimate driving event or if you are a recent grad) the monthly payment can drop dramatically.


@CAi3Driver, is it 2500 down or 2500 drive off for you?

It is $2500 down, plus drive off ($925 Bank Fee, Tax on $8500, first payment, DMV and dealer doc fee of $80, and the security deposit).

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I should clarify to remind you that the $2,500 down is refunded by the State of California so essentially it is zero down plus the drive off amounts I mentioned.

Do you mind sharing the dealer details?

Sorry for the delay…it was Center BMW in Sherman Oaks. Jason in the internet department. Knows nothing about calculating a lease but easy to confirm a sale price, money factor, and residual.

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