2015 BMW i3 124/m 23xx drive off SoCal

Msrp 51795
Selling 46300
Base mf 0.00138
2000 buildout
7500 incentive
1000 loyalty
1500 and -0.0002mf corp
Tax 9%
Monthly 124.xx
7msd 1050
Fees tax 1st month 13xx

2500 cvrp is gone for now, I am happy even without it.for I3 is such a nice toy.

Thank you leasehackr. The deal wont be nearly possible without the valueable info and tricks I learned here.


Friend got similar… $113 a month zero down.

MSRP: $50,045
Discount: $9,167
Selling Price: $40,878
-$7500 federal tax
Net Cap: $33,458

64% residual
MF .00089

Monthly with tax $115
Total drive off w/ MSD ($1050) = $3,241

Total cost of ownership = $115 X 30 = $3,450 + $3,241 driveoff - MSD ($1050) - $2500 CA rebate = $3140[/quote]


Do you know how much more a charging station / installation will add to the lease?

Congratulations on your i3! This is a killer deal! Would you mind emailing us (admin@leasehackr.com) your lease contract so that we can put your lease numbers up on our Lease Log? Your lease might be among the top based on its Leasehackr Score!

@cpak-- if you have your friend’s lease contract or can provide the deal’s months, miles, and region so that we can input it onto the Lease Log, we would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for your continued support! Enjoy your ride and check back often! :smiley:

Hi! What a great deal! Could you let me know which dealer in SoCal you went to?

sorry. I did not get to ask the dealer on charging station.

Hi Littleviolette,

Even the sale manager himself was a little surprised when the number came out. He said the big reason is that I have the corp incentive or the fleetgroup discount. $1500 plus reduced rate knocked out near 75/month.

and it was the last 2015 i3 on their lot.


I think your friend got a better deal.

I missed out the 2500 California rebate.


Where in socal did you get this deal from? I am interested but not sure which dealership I need to go to. Thanks in advance.

SB BMW, Torrance.

Was an absolute pleasure working with Harold , the internet sale manager. Upfront price;no hiden fees; no mf markup.

Thank you ! I will teach out to Harold.

Hello P2s, Yes we went to SouthBay BMW,

The sales person name is Chris: 661-993-9408. He sold 5 on Friday.

He only has the Bev Left. I know there are a handful still in Santa Monica, but they havent budge on their lease prices yet…

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Congraz! This deal has deeper discount than mine. True that SB bmw get you best deal and services.

11 More 2015 i3 at beverly hills bmw too, good luck and be prepared with a gang of liars.

BMW quoted 1k for the chraging station.

Is that with or without installation??

If you have a 240V dryer outlet in your garage, you can also get this as an alternative to a hard-wired EVSE:


It charges at 3.8 kW instead of 7.2 kW, but at $395, it’s cheaper, portable, and requires no installation. A full charge will likely take about 6 hours.

Anyone know if any more of these deals are floating around in the SoCal area? Would love to get my hands on one!

Reach out to Greg Poland @ Pacific Bmw.

Unfortunately Greg had nothing. Anyone else with any leads would be appreciated! :slight_smile: