2015 BMW 335i 4-Door Sedan, $391 monthly tax included, Lease Takeover AZ

2015 BMW 335i Mineral Grey with Oyster,MPE, MSRP of $57K. The car is in excellent condition with no issues. Oil change just performed by BMW of North Scottsdale. Wheels have no curb marks or scratches.

Current miles-8,000
Miles allowed-30,012

Lease Payment-$618 including 8.05% taxes in payment.

BMW will pay you $4550 at end of lease. This will be the return of security deposits placed at the beginning of the lease.

This will make you effective payment $391 including taxes of 8.05%.

You will need to pay for the credit/transfer application with BMW of $500 as well. Please make sure you have good credit as you need to be approved by BMW.

WBA3A9C51FK473020 You can use the Vin Decoder to look up options.

2015 BMW 335i 4-Door Sedan-$43,750
Mineral Grey Metallic-$550
LCOM Oyster Dakota Leather
Luxury Line-$1300
19 Inch Wheels-$900
Premium Package-$2200
Driver Assistance Package-$950
Technology Package-$3150
Rear Power Sunshade and side manual sunshades-$575
Heated Seats-$500
Harman Kardon-$875
M Performance Black Kidney Grills-$200
Factory installed rear spoiler-$475
M-Performance Carbon Parking Brake handle-$250
M-Performance Carbon Fiber Selector Lever$260
Illuminated Door Sills-$250
Stainless Steel Pedals-$250
MSRP-$57,630 including destination charge of $950

Good luck trying to find someone to pay you $1500 to take over the lease, then they have to pay $500+tax to bmw for lease transfer and $4500 in MSDs.

Not trying to be a hater, but that’s an uphill battle.

I tried to lease trade out of a BMW without all this upfront money on this site and got very little interest, once i put up on swapalease mine was gone in a matter of days. For $100 i suggest to do that, even though i still think all this upfront money might pose a hurdle. Good luck.

It sounds like he wants $1500 upfront, but will allow the new leasee to keep the $4550 in MSDs from BMW at the end of the lease.

@jon i think you’re right, i misread it.

Jon is correct. Thanks.

You may want to clarify that you are offering a $3k incentive (by only asking for 1.5 of the 4.5 K that is in MSD).

Yes, the total incentive is $3k. Thanks.

Don’t want to belabor the point but original post is clearly confusing. And not everyone will bother to scroll down to find your clarification

Updated the original post. Hopefully it is clear now. I am not asking for any money to take over the lease now. Buyer will get the security deposits of $4550 back at end of lease from BMW making the effective payment $391 with tax. Thanks.

I would have seriously considered this but too bad that we are in opposite ends of the country.

Effective payment $378 now. Current miles 8,350.