2015 A6 Lease w/Neg Equity - looking at s90 or Volt


My vote is to stick with the 2018 T6 for 700 a month. Chances of finding a dealer willing to roll in 9k on a 2017 are going to be very very low IMHO …

As for E300 loaner for 351, I would say don’t even go there - these are rare unicorns…


Why not 2017 T5 that she found for $595? Why “Chances of finding a dealer willing to roll in 9k on a 2017 are going to be very very low”?


Sure if she gets the same term as the T6 go for it …


All she needs to do is to stick to 10% off sticker and buy rate.


I had to wait 5 hours to post again b/c I’m new on this site! So I reached out to another dealer on a demo with 3k miles, it’s a 2017 T5 FWD Momentum MSRP 51,005 for 36/12. Residual 51% and money factor .00148. He came back with sales price of $38164 which includes my 6 months pull ahead discount (3963) and 3k from Costco making my payment $531.29 incl tax. and they cut me a check for 3k to pay off my Audi. I get $463.37 when I calculate? The first dealer gave the money factor at .00020 and 54% residual on the 2018 T5.


If you were to agree with one of these Volvo deals, what will you do with the Audi? Is the Volvo dealer going to take it in as a trade-in or are they just cutting you a check to cover the 6 months worth of payments?


Dealer A has offered to cut me a check for $9142 to pay off my Audi. (a number they miscalculated) MSRP : $54,625.-
Sale $$: $51,075.-
Residual: 54 % ($29,497.50)
$$ Factor: 0.00020

Dealer B offered the demo model I just posted about with a different money factor and a check for 3963 which is my remaining payments. I need to just get rid of the Audi.


For offer #1, you will just park the A6 for the next 14 months?

For offer #2, will you attempt to sell it? You would have to front the rest of the balance?


For offer #1 they just got back to me. I would return the Audi and they will cut me a check to pay them off and I pocket 1.3k. I offered, per @vhooloo, 50k sales price and 15k miles, they give me check for 9142. They have countered with $50,375 sales price, 15k miles/36 months and a monthly of $706 which includes tax. She said the residual drops 2% with the extra miles to 52%. THis is on the 2018 T5 momentum with msrp $54,625 No money down and I get the check for $9142.

Option B, I am responsible for the remaining $3800 in payments. or I can try to roll that into that demo deal


Latest from Dealer A - 2018 T5 Mom. MSRP $52475 36/12 54% residual
Sales Price - 48,225
check for $9142 to payoff Audi
payment $644.85 incl. tax

This is with costco and conquest/pull ahead. It seems like a great deal, but I’m having a tough time figuring out with the calculator.


Looks good. Use this calc, much easier

Did you check MF on Edmunds? You sure you got pull ahead?
Something doesn’t add up. Is sales price before $4,250 Volvo cash? And then $3,000 Costco and $3,918 Audi?


Take it asap - wonderful deal ---- That’s like 400 a month + 9142 to pay Audi :slight_smile:


I can’t get it to match up when I use the calculator, but if they really want to give me 9142 to pay off the Audi, then I’m probably in! I guess I am just wondering if there’s more room somewhere. Edmunds does say MF is .00019 and 54% residual for 36/12. She quoted me .00020 and 54%. Heading to dealership now and will post some details. Thanks again for all the help!


No, Edmunds shows .00020 on T5 Mom FWD. Ask to put down 3 MSD, if you have cash. That will bring MF down to .00005 and should save you $15-20/mo.


I didn’t have any extra money to put for MSD’s so I just pulled the trigger, but on a slightly more equipped model bc I liked the color combo better. I got a 2018 T5 Momentum with vision and convenience package. MSRP 54040 sales price $49699. Monthly payment of $663.50 including tax. I had zero out of pocket and they are giving me a check for $9142 to payoff the Audi. I know the deal is not perfect, bc I couldn’t get it to add up for me on the calculator, but I wanted to get out of the Audi and I technically had 14 months left and I kept reading that you needed to be within 12 months. So I just pulled the trigger. I hope this helps someone looking for some info! And thanks to all you hackers!

Lets try this one more time! Need lease w/ neg eq trade in

Good job, enjoy your car. Not every day you can roll in $9k negative equity and still drive newest model well equipped luxury car for mid $600/mo :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I’ve been driving myself nuts over this wondering if I could have done better negotiating, but you’re right. :slight_smile: tytytyty


Next time you"ll do better. Just don’t go over miles and do not roll over negative equity again :grin:

And post the pics, I want more Volvos :slight_smile:


662.50 - 9412/36 is effectively 402 with taxes for a 54k S90. Kaboom. Next deal will be 399 and someone on this board better get ready for crow.


Has to be almost perfect storm with conquest pull-ahead.