$200 GM BuyPower Bonus after $100 Spend

Received an email today from GM BuyPower.
Earn $200 in bonus earnings when you spend $100.
This is on top the annual limit.

Offer expires 4/30/2020

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I just got a different offer, they will match my earnings, up to 250 dollars this month.

These must be targeted offers as I have seen nothing regarding bonus offers from my (original) GM card.

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I agree, all I have in my “offers” section is $200 off a set of tires.


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I have a question about the Buypower cards and their bonus. I was very lucky and got one of the Buick Encore leases 2 years ago and my current lease is expiring. If I were to apply to the Buypower card or supplier card how soon have you seen offers. I know there was $1000 in January. I dont plan on keeping the card and most likely wont lease a gm vehicle after this one so what do you guys recommend.

The Bonus offers are GENERALLY staggered during the year. Some people get one close to summer time, some get them towards the end of the year. This year it seems like everyone got $1000 towards the end of the year though. There’s no real way to predict how (or if) they will run the promotion. One way to go about it would be to take advantage of the 5% bonus on your purchases during the year, use the card periodically when you get a promo offer (bonus points if you spend a certain amount on groceries, etc) and see where you are at come the end of the year. If you are looking for a GM vehicle, keep in mind that the rewards are able to be redeemed for other stuff like service and accessories too, I believe up to $250 per year.

The GM card has no annual fee. Rewards do not expire too. Does not stack with Supplier discount. 5% earnings for first 5k, then unlimited 2% earnings.

GM family card does stack with Supplier discount. Rewards expire every 7 years and no annual fee. Only unlimited 1% earnings.

That’s a bit different than what I received.

I got a rebate top-up offer good for February and March. I used it on yet another Encore lease in February along with my card-earned rebate credits.

Thanks for the insight. Do you guys know if both cards get the same incentives? And do you think its worth applying for now, I extended my lease 1 month due to dealers being closed and I’m not in the mindset to do car shopping.

Clearly they don’t based on posts from various cardholders. Sometimes the incentives are the same for everyone sometimes not. In that case, they do “targeted” incentives based on some unknown formula. For these targeted incentives it helps to have a high income and to spend lots on the card and (of course) it helps to have good credit. But the formula for who gets what incentive is unknown (to us).

If you want another credit card, and you would like some incentives towards future GM vehicles then I suggest that you apply.

But if you already have a wallet full of credit cards. Or other cards give you more important things like airline miles such that you wouldn’t use the GM card, then maybe you shouldn’t apply.

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Hi All,

Long time reader making a 1st post.

Thanks much to everyone here on the forum for the great advice - learning from all your experience has made me a much more educated auto buyer!

I signed up for the GM BuyPower card early this year (pre-pandemic or a lifetime ago?) after learning about it here (considering a Chevy Bolt).

To contribute back a little:
After a bit of a drought earlier in the year, some offers have appeared lately…

2020/06/15 -> 2020/07/15
Groceries + Restaurants - spend $150 get $50 Bonus Earnings

2020/08/03 -> 2020/09/30
Groceries - get an extra 5% in Bonus Earnings up to $250 (maxout would be spend $5000 in 2 months…COVID stockups LOL?)

Would love to hear if others are receiving similar or different offers from GM lately.

Thanks again!


I received one today for a 50 dollar statement credit if I activate an Onstar trial in my Volt.