'20 or '21 BMW M550i or M5 - 36mo/10K

Hi Hackrs!

I got a bunch of help here with my last lease that is set to expire on 9/10/20 (Infiniti Q50 Red Sport) so I’m back on the market. This time it is going to be a BMW. I’m debating on year (20/21) and model (M550ix or M5). I’m open to all combos but would obviously love a super sweet deal on a '21 M5 to make my life easy. If I go with M550ix, I’m probably sticking with a 21 but a sweet deal with all of the options I want on a 20, I’d consider. I’m aware of all of the changes between the model years and I like the '21s better but I’m trying to get a feel for the pricing difference so I can home in on the car I’m seeking and start reaching out to dealerships.

Not sure if it matters but the things that are important to me are the following:

White Interior with ventilated seats
B&O sound system
Executive Package
Black 20" wheels

Exterior, I would prefer white or one the grays but really open to all colors except for the brown and snapper rocks blue.

So my questions…

Does anyone have an idea of what the leases may look like when the 21s roll out? Same car, different year, what should I expect in the difference in the discounts between the two years?

The other question I had was about maintenance. I believe I read that standard maintenance program for the first 36K miles is pretty solid and there isn’t a need to opt into anything extra. Those who have had either of these cars or similar BMWs, what other maintenance should I expect (other than another set of tires :)) that isn’t covered?

I know there are a decent about of car guys/gals on the forum, I’m open to any other points of consideration when evaluating which car to go with… Lastly, I’m in SoCal and open to a search with radius of 500 miles, would consider further for the perfect car and killer deal. If there are any recommended dealerships or contacts who are known to bring forward the best deals, please share their information.

In advance, I really appreciate the feedback.


Also looking for an M5 but only focused on the 2020 model. From what I have seen and read, the discounts don’t change significantly. I’ve seen 9% off for the 2021 M5 and I’ve been able to negotiate 10-11% off MSRP on the outgoing 2020s remaining in inventory prior to incentives. Can’t really speak to MF on the 2021s. 2020s MFs are 0.00118 or 0.00158 for tier1 depending on whether the dealer plays the markup game. The cost difference between the two MFs is about 2.8k over the 36 month term if I did my math correctly.

Check out the marketplace. I believe I saw some brokers with slots for pre-orders on the 2021 model. Do not recall exact discount.

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Super helpful, thank you both…

Anyone seen the residual % for the 21s? Thanks!

Residual is not out yet. They will arrive to the US in August. Probably that’s when they will announce them.

It will be unlikely for facelift cars to be priced like prefacelift ones. BMW will want to move 20’s before the 21’s. This is my guess.

When the residual, lease cash and loyalty numbers are out it will be easier to compare pricing between the two. You can decide if the facelift is worth it for the price difference.

Thanks Batistuta for insight on the timeline.

I think I’m really homing in on M5 or M5 competition with Donington Grey or the Frozen Bluestone that is coming out with '21. Silverstone interior, black wheels, executive package and B&O sound.

I’ll check out the marketplace and see what’s out there for the 2020s.

Thanks again!

Message @BMW_Dave his dealer has a M5 non comp in donington grey. Can’t recommend the guy enough for SoCal BMW.

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The 2020 will be better deal
the discount between the model years is not big , but your biggest hit will be the RV , so add these together and the monthly payment will be significantly affected .
MF is usually the same
I am biased as I drive an M5C , so M5 is a different league as compared to M550

The RV is not out yet , but you can bet money that it will be less favorable for 2021 at least till November/December or so … This helps clear 2020 inventory …

You may find slim pickings on the ‘20s M550i… once the factories reopened, all orders that were not already on the production line were cancelled. So what you see out there is what you’ll get while production on ‘21s take place. Plus like what everyone said about programs being what they are when it eventually lands. If you’re going for the deal, maybe look at M5’s. Otherwise, :man_shrugging:

M550 is enough for most people, I would recommend testing both back to back, the m5 is much more track focused and has a much stiffer suspension.

Black wheels - you can powdercoat for $100 a wheel, do not worry about color just get the rim style you prefer in '20s.

You can powder coat bmw rims even if it is a lease?

So long as they return to the state you received them in, you can do whatever you’d like.

Most of the time the inspection companies are looking for scratches, curb rash, etc etc on the wheels

The car should be stock. If you return with mods then YMMV. I tried returning my 335i with BMW OEM wheels (that were 18’s with snow tires since it was February) and after they checked the VIN the dealer told me I couldn’t turn the car in until I returned the factory 19’s with the original tires.

If you want to plastidip and peel them off, but if you powder coat be prepared to have to swap another forum member for OEM wheels or take the risk.

True plasti-dip is easier but doesn’t look as good, peace of mind tho if you want to switch back.

Good Morning, I really appreciate everyone’s continued feedback and ideas!

Does anyone know a dealer/broker who has allocations of ‘21 M550s and/ M5s. I’ve seen posts and talked with a broker who was willing to offer 9-11% discounts when they had allocations available. Unfortunately, neither has allocations remaining at the time of my inquiry. I’d be looking for similar discounts to make a ‘21 pencil for me. I understand this may be unrealistic given the current market and may need to wait it out. I still have some time as my lease doesn’t expire until 9/10/20.

Thanks everyone, look forward to your recommendations.

9-11% on a 21 m550 maybe but forget about it on an m5, even the m550 will be tough, lci refresh + limited production + enthusiasts cars = quick selling. Of course this is all speculation on the m550.

I have the 19 comp M5. Was able to negotiate a 11.5% discount before incentives and CCA rebate when the RV was bumped up to 60%. I dont think RV for the LCI models is out but definitely will not discount like the pre-LCI 2020. I would shoot for 11-12% off MSRP on 2020 before incentives. Will take a lot of work to do and won’t be easy but it’s just a matter of finding the right dealer at the right time. Don’t know how coronavirus has affected being able to get great deals. Start with cargurus and filtering in for 2020s that have been on the lor awhile.

I mean earlier in June @discountsales2020 was offering custom build allocations on 2021 M5’s and M550’s at 9% off, so I would hardly recommend just “forgetting about it”, just need to be patient as it always is when new model years are released.

It’s not as if the LCI is all of the sudden going to bring loads of high end 5 Series’ buyers out of the woodwork that weren’t there before.