2 Deals, 1 Check? '19 Lexus IS 300 F-Sport & '20 Acura TLX SH-AWD A-Spec

IS 300 $515/month

Acura $496.43/month There’s also a quote for a TLX SH-AWD Technology

Thanks in advance and I have the bleach ready to drink!

I hope that you take this in the spirit in which it’s intended:

Hire a broker.



lol-that’s why I’m posting. No offense taken. I’ll take my first sip of bleach!

These are both painful

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You could be in two Bimmers :de: for that combined payment.

Are you married to either car? By that I mean are you shopping particular cars or looking for a screaming deal or somewhere in between?

The TLX is widely regarded, at least here, as a very outdated and not that great when it was new car. Make sure you really want that car before you make a deal on one.

Drive some other makes, and definitely search and spend time here looking at deals.

Don’t expect to find a million unicorn deals, but you can do a ton better than those quotes with one exchange with any reputable Midwest broker here.

My $0.02. Add $9.98 and you can have a large pepperoni and cheese Papa Johns pie.


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Definitely not married to either car or make. I’d say I’m looking for somewhere in between; I’m looking for something nicer than what I’m currently driving (Subaru Impreza). It’s a very low bar but I had narrowed it down to those 2 and the Audi A5/4. I’m certainly open to other options but I haven’t explored them all. I was out test driving today and I liked the Audi A5 Sportback the best but I didn’t even bother getting a deal-sheet when he quoted me $721/month. I’m dumb when it comes to this stuff but even I knew that was terrible.

I appreciate your thoughts. I’ve only been here for a bit so I’ve got a lot more to learn; which is crazy considering I’m 100x better than when I first got here.


You should know what the car you’re looking at should be before ever talking price with a dealer.

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I would start a chat with @Benedetto if I were you.


That’s one thing I’ve actually done correctly. I reached out to him on the 19th but wasn’t quite ready to pursue the broker thing yet.

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I’m hereby declaring you ready. It’s really time consuming to find two deals. I’d be inclined to leave the legwork to the pros.

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