19 Lexus RX350 Good Deal Or Bad

Hello all, I am new to the leasehackr forums and first off I do really want to just thank everybody for all the great information being tossed around. This website is a great car buying tool.

That said Just wondering what you guys think about this lease deal in the So Cal area.

2019, Lexus, RX350, Premium Package, Cold Weather Package, Navigation, With BSM

MSRP: $53,899
Selling Price: $47,000 (Pre $3K Lexus Rebate)
Monthly Payment: $375 Tax Included
Cash Due at Signing: $5,000
MSD: $2,000
Incentives: $3000 (Lexus Rebate)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: Not Disclosed/Didnt Ask
Residual: Not Disclosed/Didnt Ask

Region: Southern California

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What numbers you got???

Here are some of our numbers at more aggressive rates! Let me know if you’d like me to work out a different configuration!

$5000 DAS is a poor idea. This deal isn’t good

Discount is pretty good but there is no need to put that much down.

I could always do 0 down 503 Month (Tax Included), but then I think it would require a higher MSD.

Not to worried about the DAS.

Why do you feel $5,000 DAS is a bad deal???

I could always do $0 down at $503 taxes included. At the end of the day the higher down payment will do nothing but change the monthly payment

Have a read up on leasing 101.

If the car is totalled, you lose your 5k.

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Out of the 10 posts here 3 of them are brokers. It kind of devalues the experience if the only replies brokers make are “call me”.


Working for an insurance company as a Auto Damage Adjuster these are one of the hardest cars to total trust me.

even in the event (God Forbid) if the car is a total loss and payoff amount is less than total loss amount lienholder typically will give the positive equity to the customer.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the down payment is lost if you total the vehicle, whether you have equity or not.

No it is not. If you have equity you will get it back. The advise against putting money down is because there usually is no equity in a leased vehicle when it is totaled. If you upside down the gap will cover the rest of the payoff. But any money down is lost.


What are you trying to achieve by putting $5000 down when you do not know MF?


If there is positive equity, it goes to the finance company since they are the “legal owners” of the vehicle. It is at the sole discretion of the legal owner to reimburse you that positive equity.

I have yet to see any of my customers tell me the leasing company did not reimburse them their positive equity on a leased vehicle.

If I am not mistaken doesn’t the MF change based off of the MSD.

I believe the MF was 0.006 or 0.0006 by putting the $2000 MSD it brought it down to 0.001 or 0.0001.

Yes, MSDs lower MF and there is a limit on how many MSDs you can. In general MSDs are great way to “invest” your money.

You get your MSDs back in full after lease. Down payment however is basically an initial payment towards your lease liabilities. Lots of smart people in here made it clear that you might/will not get it back in case the vehicle is totaled. This is a risk and all of us to avoid any risks with our $$$$$.

If your MF after MSDs is 0.0006 what is about 1.4% APR. You better invest your down payment $5000 in high yield online savings account at 2.25% now.

Based on all the info above there is no reason to put money down.

I see your point, main factor for me was just the monthly payment.

I guess next time I won’t put such a big down

They come with so much safety gear standard now. :slight_smile:
Had one as a loaner recently and I swear I could have driven it drunk as a skunk and been just fine.**

In any case, CCR ends up as a sunk cost which as previously mentioned becomes at risk in case of loss.

**I do not endorse drunk driving, just making a point…

Not at all - I think it should be a clear indicator that it’s a shit deal that can easily be beaten at a glance by people in the industry.

He is getting 12.5% discount already. I doubt they can beat it when you take into account their commission. Their comments are useless. They need to contribute more than just call me.

The only "negative " is the high cap cost reduction but that doesn’t change the over cost of the deal.

I take it you have a better deal in hand?