'19 Ioniq PHEV out of state lease from New York dealer

Anyone know why 2 dealers in upstate NY said that out of state leases are impossible for this vehicle? The internet sales people do not know the reason why.

Tell them you are not asking for them to give you NY state rebate of 1100. That is only for residents of the state.

Isn’t the ~$10,000 in Hyundai rebates regional?

Definitely incorrect… my brother is about to sign for one in NYS and its being registered in GA. He gets the full $10K rebate since it’s based on dealer location, not registered address.

That’s awesome. I’d definitely be willing get the car from NY for an extra $5,500 off. Any details on his deal?

There is a recent thread here about Ioniq leases…numbers matched exactly what people were posting via the RODO app. Only inconvenience is he had to sign in-person.

Can you send me the dealer info for the ionic lease in New York. I’m in Tennessee and don’t mind the drive for a deal.

It will be different for you, since in NY state residents get extra rebate.
You might want to check if you have similar rebates close to you.

Dealers here are quoting $450 a month. Even without the NY rebate it sounds like Ioniq would be sub $200.