19 infiniti q50 lease deal

Hey guys I am a newbie here and want opinion on the car that I interested.

Currently looking into a lease on 19 Infiniti Q50 sport and dealer offer 7600 ish discount from msrp. Is it sound like I am getting good deal ?

msrp is 50130 and 12k miles and 750 monthly payment( I have neg equity on current car about 9k) zip 73034. 4800 down include TTL and tax
Not sure about money factors or residual values.

I don’t need to replace car at this moment but just wondering if dealer offered me a good deal.

Good deal? Not even close.

Instead of rolling in more negative equity into this new “deal” hold off and continue to pay and use your current lease. Once you satisfy that lease then move on to a fresh new lease or purchase. You will never get out of this negative equity situation by jumping in and out of leases like that.

Haha I am not against your opinion.