'19 Honda CRV EX-L - Good Deal?

Hello Hackers,

This is the info I received at the Honda dealership for a CRV EX-L AWD. I live in Buffalo, NY.

MSRP: $32195
Sale Price: $30245
Residual: 54%
MF: .00105
Trade Payoff: $1305 (for 3 remaining payments on current Honda lease and 2K mileage overage)
Term: 39 month/ 15k miles
Tax: $1660 (not sure how they got this as sales tax is 8.75% where I live in NY)
Doc Fee: $75
Non Tax Fees: $247
Total Balance: $34227

Monthly Payment: $458 inc taxes
Drive off cost: $458 (first month payment)

This seems high to me. What do you think?

Not a good deal. Doesn’t mean 1% rule at a minimum. You’re looking at like 380/m if you remove the 3 months + overage.

Do dealers normally just eat the remaining payments? I didn’t think it should be added into the deal.

They don’t “eat” anything. The buyer does the “eating”. They’ll gladly roll any remaining payments into your new lease.

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So what’s the best way to approach this deal with 3 remaining payments?

Go look for a 2018

Not many left in my area.

Wait three months.