'19 Honda Civic EX Coupe - Good Deal?



Hello all,

My current lease is ending in 2 months so I have started looking at leases recently and wanted to get your opinion on one. I went back to the same dealer (in SF Bay area) I used with my last civic lease and without going crazy into negotiations this was the breakdown of the quote:

MSRP: $24095
Reduced price: $22159.71
Adjusted residential: $14457
Residual: 60%
Rate: 0.00159
Fees: $767.20 (waived)
Remaining lease payment: $530 (last 2 months waived)
Down payment: $0
Term: 36 month/ 36k miles
Monthly cost: $305
Drive off cost: $305 (first months payment)

So ultimately it’s $305/month with nothing down but the first month payment and they eat all fees + remainder of my current lease. I hate that my monthly payment would be going up but not sure how much lower they could go since they are saving me almost $1300 in waived fees. What do you guys think? Is this a good deal? Thanks



Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Does the $305 include tax? Edmunds lists an $800 lease incentive on coupes right now. You show 1300 in fees waived, I assume the 1300 in “fees” include the 2 payments remaining (767 + 530 = 1300 roughly)?


This seems like a pretty poor monthly payment compared to other Civic EXs (albeit sedans).

I just don’t really know what you can do here to have a major affect… maybe try to get an additional 1k off selling price to get you to 275?


The $305/month would be including the tax. The $1300 waived would be the dealer fees ($767) + last 2 months of current lease ($530).

I didn’t see any mention of incentives on the price breakdown the dealer gave me. Will check on Edmunds what to see what prices they show.

As much as I would love another 1k off the sale price, I’m not sure if I would be able to get them to come down that much. Not sure how much truecar is to be trusted anymore but they list the invoice as $22,474 and trueprice average as $22,328. If those values are to be believed, then the quoted sale price of $22,159 already beats the average and the invoice price. Not sure how much more wiggle room there is.


your target price on a Honda is True Car excellent price minus $500. Just remember reading that on this forum somewhere.


No. $305/month is ridiculous for a Civic,and it’s not even a top end model. It’s the volume trim.

Don’t lease Civic, buy them. They lease embarrassingly bad. An Accord will be cheaper. I used to lease an $43k Infiniti for a grand total of $15/mo more than this Civic lease.

Also, one reason this lease is bad is because they are rolling in at least $530 in negative equity, maybe more (what’s the other fees?). Absolutely nothing is being “waived.” Oldest trick in the book.


I would jump into a Honda Accord sport at that price…

Im leasing a Honda Accord touring for $295 with everything factored in!


While 295 is a phenomenal deal, I would say it’s not repeateable for many folks specifically outside of the NYC area and after the time frame that you leased the car. Money factors and RVs have changed quite a bit as trim packages were reworked and rates rose.

It may not be a fair comparison to OP’s Civic deal.


I think 305 including tax is about as good as its going to get on that car, maybe you can get to 299. Using 21985 as invoice including the holdback, 800 incentive, and 1300 in fees, I’m around 273 pre tax with 1st payment das.


Thanks for the replies everyone.

Re: accord. As much as I loved my '13 accord coupe, I wasn’t really looking to get another accord right now. I personally am not a huge fan of the new body style, they are a lot bigger than a civic (makes parking even more difficult in SF) and they no longer make the accord in a coupe. If a very good deal appeared that blew me away then I would consider the accord but figured the civic would be cheaper.

Re: trims. Is the EX model the volume trim? Figured that would be the LX (base model). The biggest differences between getting the EX over the sport trim is that the EX comes with the side camera, the turbo engine (which has better gas mileage) and the sunroof. Those are three things that I would want in my new lease and would pay a little extra for.

Re: waived fees. I’m not certain if that quote actually waived the remaining costs or the salesman lied and rolled it into the payment. Wouldn’t be able to see that until the final price breakdown after credit was run. If I did the leasehackr calculator right, it gave me a payment of $296 w/tax so it’s possible that he rolled in my costs into the monthly without me knowing it. The leasehackr score is shown at 7.4 years. Is that an average score or better/worse? What score is considered good/great?


Yes, the volume trims for Honda are the EX models. I get you want to pay “extra” for those things, but you are paying in an insane amount “extra” just to be in a Civic. A Hyundai Elantra will have all the features you want (minus being a two door) for $75-100/month less. You can lease a Mercedes C300 demo in the low-$300s. This lease sucks.


Agree however Everytime I see someone posting a Civic lease or Accord lease I cringe at the monthly payments they are being offered…the deal I made was literally within a day or two of discovering the Honda incentives and the fact the trim was being discontinued, I had no interest in leasing a new car until May/June. I was actually thinking of extending my lease …I just timed it perfectly.