‘19 DEMO BMW X5 $1800 DAS $671+tax

Alpine White with Black interior
Convenience Package
Parking Assistant Package
Remote Start
Gesture Control

MSRP $65,095
Selling Price $55,481
36 months 10k
Residual 59%
Mileage Adjustment $1025
less than 4600 miles
$5164 Due at signing
$576 +tax

I wanted to compare this to the lease special offered by BMWUSA.com
Please see the attachment for more details.
The Drive off can go down to $1800 for qualified buyer

$1800 DAS
$671 +tax

College Grad Rebate $1000
OL $1000
They can be used to bring the payment down

Call or Text (818)210-8794
Reza V.


Can Corporate Fleet and Costco be used to bring down the price?

Is this the new re-design?

2019 is the redesigned model

Surprised such a new car with so many miles

Yes, it is the brand new body style of the X5. Are you currently in a BMW?

The in service date for the car was 11/30/2018. This is actually the car our GM drove for the past 3 months

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I’d be interested if you can do better on the rate. This is a base model.

X5 comes well equipped and this one has the convenience package. The price is what it is. Not to many 2019 demo X5 in the market as of right now and we are offering a good dealer discount on this car.
Good luck

Ok - Assuming then other rebates such as Corp Fleet/Costco/Loyalty can’t be applied?

The Loyalty rebate can be applied. We can also apply college grad or OL codes to the deal. Costco rebate is only for new car and this is not considered the new car category. As far as the Corporate fleet, it is eligible for cars with less than 5k miles so this car will qualify for it.

@YourNextBMW i will takw it PM’d you…call me

Is it sold? No response

The OP has not posted since March 11th. May be out of office or something. I suggest you call or text them, or contact the dealership and mention this ad.