‘19 BMW 640i GT | $73k MSRP | $552/mo. | $0 DAS



I was offered this today on an out of state 640i GT, 36/10. The sales Mgr. seems adamant that this is as low as he can go. I’m at 26% off… Do you think there’s any more dealer discount left at this point on non-demo?

Update: Reflects numbers as of today. I will sign tomorrow, since this is better than any broker listings, and is getting close to the same discount of a 4k mileage demo.

**MSRP: $73,900
**Selling Price: $52,494
**Monthly Payment: $589, $552 (with MSDs)
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**Incentives: $0 (No loyalty, College Grad, OL Code, etc.)
**Post Sale Rebate: $1000 (BMW CCA)

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage:10,000
**MF: 0.00145
**Residual: 54%
**Region: UT Resident
**Leasehackr Score:12


Thanks Hackrs.

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Can’t you qualify for conquest at least?

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I could, but, pretty sure no conquest offered on 640i.

I spoke to a NorCal dealer and he claimed the offer I have listed would lose $6k and he wouldn’t do better or even match it.

Also, on the deal listed the CA said she may be able to get GM approval on an additional $1k.

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Time listed is also a big factor. Your SM isn’t lying though, this is a loser but not as bad of a loser as they say if you consider holdback. There is a fat flagship certificate on these of $10,000 to help move them.

Stay the course and press for $500/mo flat. Nobody but us LH’ers want these damned things!

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Your final numbers are 29% off MSRP pre-incentives?

@Electric, the deed has been done. I feel good with 29% off on a non-loaner GT. If I had loyalty and OL code, I would be under $500! Once I get CCA, I’ll be pretty close. Drove the car 500 miles home and it’s a nice beast. So huge.


@johns525, yes, these cars are not selling!

Share some pictures! Good job hacking!

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Great job!

Now you’re making me regret the loaner deal I got. I would have ended up with the same pricing on new with your deal.

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@VirginiaBeacher, thanks! I’ll bathe it tomorrow and take some pics and post in the trophy garage (if i’m worthy, of course).

Congrats on the great deal!. Would you please share the dealer contact?

@Ejb, thanks! Your MSRP is higher though! It was your post that got me hunting for the GTs. T Also, surprised how cool these are. They look much better in person than in pics.

Congrats the car!

I too was shopping for the 640xi GT awhile back but gave up…but now I think I may just go for it again.

Funny thing because I actually asked for a sheet with the options and they sent me with some other private information. It says “Director Notes: 60,985 / 75890” on the top. 75,890 is the MSRP. I’m wondering if 60,985 is the invoice price for them or something else?

So safe to say if there’s $10k in trunk money, and in order for the dealer to go negative 60,985 - 10,000 = 50,985 = bottom price?

@johns525 thanks! It’s a very nice car. I don’t know if that info is correct. However, go in to a deal with a goal of 30% off pre-incentive.

Invoice would be $70,985. The price you have ($60,985) is including flagship certificate and as such is at “invoice” – Subtract ~6% more ($66,400) or $54,400 and you have what’s considered a loser aside from potential volume bonus targets.

If it’s been sitting 6 months or more, Do not be shy about asking for 15% before flagship – You might be surprised at the answer you get. I recently asked about getting one of these in on a dealer trade for a client and in no uncertain terms was given an emphatic “NO” if that tells you anything. Sad because I could dig one of these with a nice tune.

Just wondering, how much % off pre-incentive for their first offer?

Good info, thanks.

Also great family car.

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