18 Traverse 2LT Lease

My wife and I are looking at leasing a 2018 Traverse 2LT in the SoCal area. My wife is a teacher and we currently own a 2015 Toyota Rav4 and also lease a 2015 Lexus IS 250.

We got a quote from Costco auto which came out as

MSRP: $43,750.00
Discount Savings: -$2,023.00
Vehicle Selling Price: $41,727.00
Doc Fee: $80.00
Lic/Title: $550.00
Tire: $8.75
Acquisition Fee: $650.00
Tax on collected items: $289.79
Total Cap: $43,305.54
Down/cash cap reduction: -$489.19
Rebate Savings: -$3,250.00 ($750 Bonus Cash & $2,500 Nameplate Conquest Cash)
Net Cap: $39,566.35

Rate: 0.00123 (Should be 0.00073)
Residual: 58%
Monthly: $474.07 before tax

I’ve run the numbers in the lease calculator and I’m coming up with $447 before tax using the .00123 MF and $415 using the correct .00073 MF. Does anyone know why the price is off? Also they are saying that the Costco Auto Pricing can’t be combined with the GM Educator Discount, is this true?

Thanks for the help.

This is true. It’s essentially the same discount with a different name.

Contact @chevysalesgirl to see what she can do.

@chevysalesgirl any suggestions on this? Thanks in advance

FYI…She went on vacation on the 6th…IDK when she’ll be back. Assume next week, but you know what happens when you assume…

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Ah got it, thanks for the heads up. I should have got in on that fire sale last week!

This is what he provided but I’m calculating a different monthly payment than what he is showing.

MSRP: $43,750
Discounts: -$2,203 (Costco Auto Discount)
Acquisition Fee: $650
Taxed Incentives: -$3,250 (-$2,500 Conquest, -$750 Bonus)
Sales Price: $38,947

So with a money factor of .00123 like the quote shows the payment should still be $493.75 with tax included at 8.25% and $1,400.63 at signing ($493.75 1st month payment, $268.13 Tax on cap reduction, $550 License/Title, $80 Doc Fee & $8.75 Tire Fee)

If it’s at the .00073 MF with a tier 1 credit then the payments should come to $458.94 after tax and $1,365.82 at signing ($458.94 1st month payment, $268.13 Tax on cap reduction, $550 License/Title, $80 Doc Fee & $8.75 Tire Fee)

If I’m off on these numbers please let me know but this is what I’m coming up with the numbers provided.

Also do you think there is anymore room in negotiating down the price a bit more? This is the 1st offer he sent so I would imagine there is but I’m not sure how the Costco pricing works.

Hey @ChevyPhil, do the numbers I posted look correct?

San Diego, California

sorry. just got back. no traverse’s in stock. all in transit.

This is their latest deal structure after I questioned them on the price they originally quoted me. So basically it’s the same thing as before except he added $901.72 down to reduce the payment.

Does this look right to you? I feel like his quote is $100 more than it should be.


Costco auto program has set pricing from invoice based on the dealer.

So would I have better luck going with a different dealership and just using our GM Educator discount which would be right around the same $2,000 discount as what we are getting from Costco?

traverse’s are tricky. there’s not many out there and they’re not being discounted much.

Alright thanks for the info. I guess we’ll just keep our eye out for something.