18 Tiguan SE 4Motion - 1st offer

I just contacted two local VW dealers last night and they both called this morning. One was all about dealing however I’m most comfortable and they are the same family of dealers the wife and I got her Outback. Internet Sales Manager was busy but sent me some quick numbers based on &0/1000/2000 down, 12k miles, 36 months. I’d have to pay a Gov’t fee of $165, doc fee of $141 and destination of $675. There is a $1000 rebate off the sticker price of $29345.

Monthly payments are $455/439/408 respectively.

This isn’t anywhere close to what I was thinking. I feel like I could get a much better vehicle for a payment like that. What would I need to do to get the payment lower? What other information am I missing?

You need selling price, MF, etc. to better evaluate this deal.

Was just at the VW dealer I use to work at for a minute the incentives money factor residual are all horrible the sales manager who’s a friend literally said to me the days of mid to high 2 is way over tdi is behind us. Basically it’s a crap lease crap buy if you keep it for longer then the warranty. Jeep Cherokee is the only one really giving away anything right now get a limited for 2400/240 39/12

That is simply not true. There are deals every day. Everywhere.
In this case, taking 1000 off MSRP (with a rebate that costs the dealer nothing) and not doing ANY discount off of the MSRP is no deal, it is what anyone off the street can get without haggling.
This is LH. Haggle! Start sending emails to VW dealers.
Dealers don’t deal on SEs like they do on Ss but there should be some that will offer better deals than the rack rate.

the ones on this post aren’t 4motion but it gives you an idea of what discount to expect, just keep getting more quotes

Yea and then run the numbers you might as well finance it at that point rather then lease it because it’s an absolutely horrible deal relative to other small suvs. None of the Tiguans or VW for that matter even come close to good leases or the 1% rule don’t take my word for it thoughKeeps current best and worst leases

I contacted two dealers to start and this was the first offer. Just did another through TrueCar as somebody below mentioned and it’s already at around $27k for a $30k MSRP Tiguan SE. So im sure the numbers would come down a bit there. There’s a few more dealers in the area, so I’ll keep putting feelers out and see what happens. I’m sure this first offer won’t be hard for somebody to beat.

Indiana resident here, but leased mine in Dayton, Ohio.

Got the same vehicle, habanero orange, 300/mo, 1st DAS.

It can be done.

Start the process off by requesting quotes from multiple dealers, you’ll never be impressed with the first quote. And let them know you’re talking to everyone in the area, otherwise you’ll get crap quotes like your first one.

That’s about where I’d like to be.

But just remeber these things lease terribly

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What would have been the payment for the 36/12 or 48/12?

It’s called hold back from the manufacturer that’s what you’re missing and I’ll assume only the general manager and owner see those numbers I’d still say this deal is more unicorn for this car. That loss with the 1,000 incentives from VW is about right just texted my buddy who still sells these things.

Was that relating to my post Deluxe186?

Yes I mean good job getting to that number but a 1% deal for 7,500 isn’t how I would define a good deal. That said it is a rebranded q5 and the best driving small suv. But they lost a decent amount to make some manufacturer quota I would assume.

Gotcha, that’s what I thought as well in terms of the loss they took, was just unsure as to why they’d put a $1753 DAS amount , when there really wasn’t one at all

Brick, those prices are definitely horrible. I would shop several dealers and get the top 3 offers into a bidding war. That took me about 2 weeks total of tons of emails back and forth, but it def paid off at the end as I got a 1% deal. Although less miles than you, I could have gotten $296 for 10K Miles. I ended up going for $7500 Miles at $288

More, and Cherokee’s do lease well, you just have to deal with an FCA dealer

Ally nefcu tfcu, and whatever Bank they use in western pa have very attractive rates for jeeps they’re 39/7,500 wrangler lease has an 80% residual