18 Mazda 3 Sport Sedan - Lease eval (GA)

Dealers in my area are very hard to work with… OMG!
Couldn’t get an outstanding deal, but looks like this one is promising.
Note: dealer is not giving me the cost breakdown. When they gave me for another vehicle, the tax was wrong, but they say the payments are right. For the one below, they did not give me the breakdown at all, yet.

MSRP: $21020
Sales price: not provided. (s/b $18150, per reverse ‘engineering’ lol) that’s about 14% off
MF: 0.00001
RV: 49% (36/12)
Incentives: $1800 lease cash + $ $750 loyalty
Tax: 7% over total payments
Fees: ??? Not provided
Zero drive-off.
Monthly payments: 199.27

I struggled to get any reasonable discount before incentives anywhere (Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Chevy).

Looks like 14% for a 18 Mazda is reasonable.

I have one additional ‘targeted’ $500 rebate from Mazda, that I did not inform the dealer, and I think I won’t until I’m ready to close it. But they will probably find a way to not apply it to the deal.

Any feedback or recommendation is very much appreciated. New on lease hacking here… This forum has helped A LOT!


Asked an itemized quote from another dealer, and he sends me the window sticker specs, and a hand written monthly cost… Must be a joke! :joy:

For a Mazda3, it seems really decent. If you love the car, I’d jump on it.

Thanks for your feedback @BoardWalkNJ.

Yep, I love my Mazda 6, and considering I did not find a killer deal, I will stick with Mazda once more. They’ve pretty decent.

Well, it will happen IF I get the proper lease numbers, not just the final monthly cost. Not sure why those dealers don’t send us the numbers. Maybe they fear we will forward to another dealer and haggle a bit more…

Well, thanks for the feedback. Will post the update when I sign the papers.