'18 Jaguar XE 35t Portfolio LE - $350/m+tax

Hey guys! So been lurking for a while, and now im up for something else that fun/new, and this place helped me secure a good deal on a 2016 Genesis, thats just about due now…

I came across this ad from my nearby Jaguar dealership, seems like a decent deal, no? I havent inquired about full details yet, but they seem to have atleast a few of these with the same msrp/lease deal

2018 Jaguar XE 35t Portfolio Limited Edition RWD

MSRP: $58,943
Selling Price: $32,990
Monthly Payment: $349
Cash Due at Signing: “1st Payment, Tax, Title and License Fees, Acquisition Fee” not sure what this comes out to just yet

Months: 39
Annual Mileage:7,500 (gonna try to negotiate for 10k)

Region: Southern California

I’ve seen this also, sales rep told me its supposedly an additional 30$ for 10K miles @Myst3ry. Let me know what you hear from them!

Interesting. I know my wife kind of liked the XE when the F-Type was in the shop. I wonder if they have loyalty rebates. I haven’t spent any time looking into Jag’s incentives. Might be worth researching later… Though for an effective $400/mo I don’t know if I can put up with Jaguar’s terrible infotainment in both cars. Let us know what you find out!

is it me or does the car look very similar to a Ford Fusion

wow that is a great deal… I’d take it

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These are crazy good deals.
MF is in the high 2s … so it’s a deal with lots of trunk cash and residual in the low 40s

only person making money is the bank with interest

These Portfolio LE gets the InControl Pro navigation. It is “less” terrible with Android Auto / CarPlay.

Is it still laggy w/ AA/Carplay?

Can’t speak for this specific car.
But recent update I had on my LR Discovery cleaned up a lot of delays.
Always check with the dealer for software version.

That is beautiful! I would snatch that deal if I ever came across a car like that.

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I still see these XE 35t Portfolio offers at Hornburg LA/Sunset and Jag of Mission Viejo/Newport Beach. Get them while they are hot.

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No unicorns like this in our area.

That’s a great deal, i see that on east coast would take it in a heartbeat!!

Reporting in …
dead deal… these aged units are all gone in SoCAL area

yeah, didnt have time to update yesterday, but they all seemed to have been gone from all nearby dealers by yesterday morning… dang! missed a good one!

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